In today’s digital era, online marketing has been a vital step to promote your brand. No matter you are a pro in the market or a newbie, you always have to stick up with strategies that could help you to promote your business, or else you’ll be left behind your competitors. Social marketing on Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest has been quite common, thus you cannot rely on these platforms for a better growth in sales.

You can check out Finn Star Wars Jacket as an example of one of the successful clothing brands, do go through their Michael Jackson Costume category. If you are looking for effective ways which could lead to promote your clothing brand online, then go through the ways mentioned below and implement them. Give it a read:

1. Embrace your branding

Whether it be your first brainstorming design or your tag designs, it is essential to display your branding on every clothing that you display. Ensure to have an appropriate logo with a full fledge working brand website. Your brand must stand unique and branding is what will make you stand at a visible spot among your competitors.

Consider investing in customized product packaging too. The product packaging is an important marketing tool to attract customers and build a favorable first impression of your product and brand. Customizing your packaging opens up opportunities for you to raise brand awareness.

For example, use custom gift boxes printed with your design and logo together with customized packaging fillers to enhance the unboxing experience and reinforce your brand messaging.

2. Reach up to a manufacturer

You cannot do it all alone. So, partner up with a manufacturer who can take care of all the production for your clothing brand. Sign a contract with your manufacturer, no matter they are local or overseas.

3. Design a user-friendly website

If you look around on Internet, every big brand has a website which displays their clothing collection. Begin with a simple but effective website, which could interest your targeted audience to keep looking for the what they want. Don’t fancy much, because you wouldn’t want to look desperate. By designing a website, you can promote your brand online, as it would work as an opened window between you and your customers.

4. Add professional photographs

Ordering online is quite uncomfortable for people if they can’t see an appealing picture of the attire. When it comes to professional websites, you can’t display the pictures which are shot with your iPhone without any lighting and screening. Every image on your website is what could rise or lower your sales growth. Ensure to get a professional camera with appropriate tools and essentials. Consider photoshoot campaigns and display those professional edited pictures on your website.

5. Blogging

If you know what SEO is about, you would understand how crucial it is to develop good quality content for your clothing brand. By getting your website a top result ranking on Google, you can increase your sales which would promote your clothing brand. Add blogs and content on your website, which could attract your audience.

6. Run contests and giveaways

People get really excited when they’re sent free stuff as they win any contest. Let tehm cherish the free giveaway, and you can excessively promote your business by running contests and giveaways. You can put up a content asking your followers to post a picture which is related to your clothing brand, and the one who’s picture gets the most likes can be your winner.

7. Offer discounts

Believe us, your customers would love to avail discounts. As a clothing brand, you have to understand that adjusting your prices with time is essential. Discounts seem appealing to customers. To promote your brand online, you can add up discount codes which would effectively raise your sale.

Smart Shopping with Coupons Discounts Deals Offers

8. Free shipping

Most online brands charge more shipping cost than the product itself. You can offer free shipping for a limited time to your customers, which will show an increase in the sales chart.

9. Be active on social media

Let your consumers know that you are active on social media and will response to their inquiry as they need you. Establish an active presence on social media – you can either get live for 10 minutes on Instagram TV, put up posts on Facebook and Instagram regularly and respond to any inquiry that your customers make.

10. Partner with local influencer

As you partner up with a local influencer who has a large fan following, you can promote your clothing brand online in an inexpensive way. You can pay the influencer to promote your brand online on their social media which would increase your traffic.

11. Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the strongest tools that could help you to promote your clothing brand online. Target your audience and email them with the offers and deals that you are up with. You can retain your customers through email marketing.

12. Add videos to your website


Instead of adding content all over your website, you can use short videos to attract your audience. You can also add some animation to it. Deliver the objective of your brand with every essential detail in the video.

13. A mobile app may be helpful

As every individual is using a smartphone nowadays, one of the best ways to approach them is via mobile. You can develop a mobile app for your clothing brand, which could allow your customer to make purchases and inquiry.

14. Google Alerts

Google Alerts can help you in monitoring the progress of your clothing brand online. You can stay updated with latest news that publishers and local news publication has for your brand. Be it positive or negative, you can stay updated.

15. Keep working on an improved customer service

Your customers must come first, always. If you want to marketize your brand online, you must keep your customers happy and satisfied. Work on the suggestions as well.


It can be quite competitive and exhaustive in today’s competitive market to keep up with the branding of your clothing brand with quality. We hope the above-mentioned ways must have been helpful and would surely make a difference by promoting your clothing brand online. Think out of the box and let your competitors envy you with the tactics and strategy that promotes your clothing brand.


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