The coronavirus pandemic has sent us all away from the typical activities that populate our days and weeks, including attendance at regular mass services. But this temporary shift to online streaming of mass and the need to conduct gatherings outside and away from the traditional sites of worship has given church leadership a unique opportunity to address some faults in the building that may otherwise go unresolved.

Take the time to replenish or repair any issues your church is seeing during this time of separation so that your community can come back stronger than ever once we have moved through this difficult moment.

1. Check your air conditioning units.


One of the most important pieces of equipment your facilities use on a daily basis is the air conditioning. Having a full service air conditioning clean done in order to clear out debris from the condenser can improve indoor air quality and airflow and keep your congregation far more comfortable when they return en masse to routine church services.

If you require more invasive procedures, this is also a great time to add refrigerant or have a professional technician replace sections of your tubing that are aging or failing.

A strong air conditioning unit makes for a happy congregation during those long summer months, and it provides heat that will keep parishioners comfortable against the chill of the outside air during the frigid wintertime.

2. Clean your stained glass windows.


Having your stained glass cleaned is something that you should be scheduling regularly, and now is as good a time as any to polish up any trouble spots. Stained glass is a hallmark of Christian examples of faith and has been in use for over 1,000 years to produce spectacular works of art depicting some of the most important biblical stories that we know and love.

Refurbishing these works of art will go a long way to restoring the natural beauty of the chapel that you and your members spend so much important time in.

Buff up any worn pews.

Repainting or staining your pews while parishioners aren’t sitting in them every week is another great maintenance item that should be on your checklist. Taking care of your church seating is an essential part of the routine upkeep of a church.

After all, they are used daily by your faithful community to bask in the guidance of prayer and the sacrament of communion. Take care of your seating to ensure that you are taking care of your community.

Spruce up your literature.


Adding a tasteful Bible cover to the church’s copy that you read from during each service is a great way to improve the aesthetic of the church itself.

This copy is often placed as a ‘statement piece’ of sorts on the altar when not in use, so protecting it with a cover is a great way to ensure that it enjoys a long life in use.

Replacing old hymnals and Bibles in the pews with new ones, including New International Version Bibles, is also a great way to add a feeling of renewal to the space. If you don’t want to buy all new books, you could opt for a new book cover for the hymnals and new Bible covers for the Bibles.

By giving your congregation new copies or newly covered copies to read from you will make them feel cared for above and beyond the spiritual fulfillment gained through the service itself.

Lay new sod.


Taking care of landscaping issues around the church should also be a target of your renewal efforts. Laying new sod if the grass is dying, or taking care to remove overgrown weeds is a great way to improve the grounds overall.

The church doesn’t end at the doors, so you shouldn’t only consider upgrades and maintenance issues that exist inside the building’s four walls.

Make sure your church is ready for the return of its community. Start now to prepare in the best way possible. For more tips on preparing the opening of your church make sure to visit Churchtechnology Superstore.