Women need the support and encouragement of other women to thrive in life. As women, we have worked so hard to be able to do everything- mothers, bosses, wives, friends. The problem is, now we have to do it all…and it’s hard.

Women need other women who understand the pressures of life and offer support and guidance. If you’re wondering how you can champion the women in your life, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look.

female champion


Celebrate Victories

The world will pit you against one another. It will tell you that you should be jealous of another woman winning and work harder next time. On the contrary, a friend’s win can be yours too.

When a woman in your life gets a win, it’s important to celebrate her. Celebrating with your loved ones feels a whole lot better than jealousy.


All too often people offer solutions to problems they know nothing about. If your female friends are telling you about situations in their lives, refrain from offering advice. Most of the time, people just want to be listened to.

When your loved one is going through something, put a warm drink in her hand and sit down to listen. She’ll often come up with her own solutions just from sitting with you and airing her concerns.

Be In It Together

There are times in life that can be tough as a woman. You may have valuable experience that can help others get through difficult times. Volunteering at support groups is a great way to champion women in your local community.

Look for ‘women support groups near me’ to find groups suited to you. If you’re going through something yourself, these groups are a great resource for getting the help you need when you need it.

Share Experiences

Women who achieve things together are powerful. Whether it’s a joint project at work or a community program, women get things done when they’re together. You can champion a friend by helping her to achieve a goal.

For instance, many female friendship groups take on challenges to raise money for charity. Not only is it an ideal way to support a cause that’s close to your hearts but it’s also a perfect way to bond together.

Get Excited With Her

It’s common for people to get into the habit of warning others instead of getting excited with them. For example, if your friend wants to join a Yoga class you may be tempted to tell her how difficult some of the poses can be. It’s natural to want to protect your loved ones but all she wants you to do is get excited with her.

Whether she wants a new beauty treatment or wants to do a skydive, tell her you think it’s a great idea. You could even offer to go along with her. Sharing her excitement is another great way to be supportive.

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