The modern man is more than just a myth, as this is an individual with a clearly defined set of skills. The exact skills may vary due to cultural and regional factors but in general, these are the 8 skills every man should possess at the onset of the 21st century.

Learning how to split wood

In the days of yore, it was much more difficult to keep the house warm during the winter months, especially in the countryside. The modern man has only to turn a knob on the programmable thermostat and voila, the house is warm.

However, going on a camping trip means that you are leaving all the amenities of modern life, heating included. This means that splitting wood is the only option to keep warm. Learning how to hold an ax and balance it in the air before splitting a log in half is an essential skill you should brush up on.


Changing a flat

At the beginning of the 20th century, driving schools actually taught newbies drivers how to maintain their vehicles. In present-day driving schools, the accent is on developing driving skills but that doesn’t mean that you cannot act as a car mechanic at times.

Namely, checking oil pressure or changing a flat tire is part of the automotive folklore. There are hundreds of videos online describing how to change a flat tire on the road so you can get it safely to the nearest auto repair shop; be sure to check them out.

Opening a bottle without a bottle opener

We are so used to bottle openers nowadays that every household has one and the chances are, you have one on your keychain. However, wouldn’t it be cool to know how to open a bottle without an opener?

You don’t have to be extra smart to learn trick but it will still look impressive in front of the ladies and the guys alike. In most cases, all you need is a solid surface or a lighter to use as leverage. At first, try not to emulate that seaman’s technique of opening a bottle with your eye socket, it might prove a painful experience.

Roof repair

Don’t get us wrong, if you’re planning of replacing the whole roof and you have never done anything similar, best leaves to professional roofers. However, there is no real reason to spend money on handymen if a single tile needs replacement.

In fact, in residential slate roofing it is fairly easy to replace a single missing or broken slate. Furthermore, you can repair the flashings by applying caulk at just at the right place. Finally, cleaning the gutters may not seem very manly but it is very necessary unless you want to lose your home due to water damage.

door roof

Breaking down a door

It might seem brutal and it might seem easy but learning how to effectively break down a door is a skill to cherish. Just imagine what would happen if you had a medical emergency inside the hose and the front door was jammed or if you were inside a burning house with your family!

The easiest way to break down a door without using any tools is to kick it with your leg near the door handle. The door is actually the weakest at this point and you have the best chance of prying it open if you focus your energy at this particular spot.

Growing your own food

Starting a garden might seem like a manly thing to do but with all the turmoil in the world right now, this might prove as a life-saving skill. Namely, civil unrest and pandemic have been shown to cause occasional food shortages so it is more than useful to know how to grow your own food. Becoming a skillful gardener means that you are effectively becoming self-sufficient, which is as manly as you can get.

Driving in all conditions

If you have recently earned your driver’s license, then you are probably extra cautious when driving in severe weather conditions. Snow, hail, and heavy rain should not, however, stop you from continuing your trip.

Although these conditions are complex and require skilled maneuvering of the steering wheel, brakes, and perhaps gears, you should take the time to learn them to be able to drive all weather conditions throughout the year.

Shooting a bow and arrow

Even if crossbows, maces, and swords are not considered as modern weapons, you should at least learn to shoot a bow and arrow. You probably did this as a kid but have you ever shot an arrow as an adult? Learning how to carve a bow out of a piece of wood and sharpen the arrows is a pretty darn useful skill.

Becoming and being a modern man are not just worn-out phrases. The concept includes a set of skills, some of which we have listed above. Once you learn how to break down a door fast, replace a roof tile, and learn to split wood, you can truly call yourself a modern man.