With the internet and online communities opening up into the Arab World. Everyone is shopping books online or watching YouTube videos running all the time in the background to keep the kids entertained. Not everyone knows what these books really tell!

While we do not intend to offend anyone, but some of these books are against Arab values despite being Kids friendly (rated PG). Many of these books explain and spread awareness of LGBT communities which although exist in the Arab world, are frowned upon.

The aim of this article is to spread awareness that some of these books exist, they are easy to obtain and can be greatly mistaken for their great story-telling BUT are against Arab values.

There has been a viral message going around social media warning parents in the Arab world to take care:

Parents out there…Please Take care not to get this tricky story book for your children
It’s about 2 princesses ..2 women falling in love with each other ( Lesbians )  and getting married !!!!!

It describes their feelings in details towards each other …touching..marrying each other and many other discussing topics that should not be addressed by all means to our children…… in conclusion exposing our kids to different mentality .. now this issue is being investigated in Dubai to ban such stories to reach kids….I will contact “Readers” 2 branches sales managers regarding this book  but it will be difficult to reach out all other bookshops…So please Take care !!!

So you want to know how these books look like, check out a few samples here:


“My Princess Boy” by Cheryl Kilodavis is introducing readers to a boy who is different. The story runs on how he gets hurt when people laugh at him and how great his family is at accepting him.

Checkout these other titles as well:

So in conclusion, Parents out there should know what they’re buying for their kids and that the content is running through their values and spread the awareness with others.

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