Halton is a regional municipality in Ontario, Canada which includes the city of Burlington and the towns of Oakville, Milton, and Halton Hills. Part of the Greater Toronto Area but offering more suburban and rural lifestyles, Halton has seen an increase in population growth due to recognition of its high life quality and safety in magazine publications and newspaper articles of recent years. Here are some pros and cons of living in Halton.

  1. Pro: Safety

Halton was voted as the “Safest Place to Live” in the Greater Toronto Area by MacLean Magazine, and as one of the top five safest regions in all of Canada. Crime ranking reports are becoming an increasingly critical element of searching for new towns and cities to inhabit in recent decades due to economic instability.

It should come as no surprise to residents of Toronto that the region is widely safer than other metropolitan regions, but the added safety of a smaller community with documented low crime rates will be reassuring enough for you to begin looking into Halton Real Estate.

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  1. Con: Residential Development Booms

While this may be good for your house search in terms of keeping prices down, there has been a bit of concern recently about unprecedented increases in residential growth, stealing away a bit of the region’s natural charm. This is not a big concern, however, given that there are significant efforts to designate certain regions of land as protected.

  1. Pro: Environmental Responsibility

Conservation Halton, also known as the Halton Region Conservation Authority, was established in 1956 to provide environmental protection to the region’s forests and to maintain and improve the watershed’s natural environment.

For those wondering what a watershed is, it’s where precipitation collects and drains into bodies of water like streams, rivers, and lakes. The organization also operates seven conservation parks.

  1. Con: Small Towns Will be Small Towns

It is likely that the different regions within Halton have different characteristics in terms of community engagement and interaction. Having said that, if you are coming from Toronto to Halton, despite their proximity, you will have to be aware of a shift in social dynamics as it pertains to neighbors and community engagement.

For some people that is a wonderful change, and many would be grateful to live in a town where neighbors say hello while walking by in the street and come by for sugar. But if you are averse to such things, make sure you choose the right sector of Halton to accommodate your social preferences.

  1. Pro: There is a Committee to Help New Residents Feel Welcome

According to the Halton Region website, The Newcomer Strategy Steering Committee is a 65-member committee that is dedicated to meeting the needs and improving the lives of newcomers, using a cross-sector strategy of engagement including education, health, employment, and more.

Halton makes a point to welcome immigrants and considers it their duty to integrate them kindly and effectively into the community without prejudice. This is the hallmark of what a living community in Halton should be.