The Marvelous Indian Artists

Nitu Chhajer

Man is an emotional being and if he is honest enough, his passion finds its way to express itself. This is the story of many Indian artists. Earlier, art as an independent profession was not considered as lucrative and stable. So was the case if anyone wanted to become a filmmaker or a dancer. But, now things have changed and society has become more acceptable and welcoming. Because of this change, we are witnessing a surge of excellent art being produced by the youth brigade of Indian contemporary artists. Let us take a look!

Mrinal Dutt, Ahmedabad

Inspired by the famous Indian artist M. F. Hussain, Mrinal Dutt self-taught himself to become one of the most sought after painter. His dripping technique makes his paintings stand out in the crowd. He hails from Ahmedabad and has a degree in electrical engineering. Though he has not received any formal training in art, he paints like a pro.

According to him, art is his way to communicate with people and the world. It is a significant aspect of his life that gives him inner happiness. He feels alive when he paints. He recognized his passion for art at an early age. He used to paint his walls and streets in his childhood and was scolded at times for his mischief. Indian tradition fascinates him the most. Most of his paintings have motifs inspired from Indian Mythology and village life. He likes to paint on canvas with acrylic colors.

His best-known works are Indian traditional beauty series. He made his way through art by starting making simple sketches. Gradually, he developed his art to express his imagination. He thinks that an artist has the responsibility as regards his art as they are being endowed with the power to see what is not visible to a layman.

Amar Singha, Raghunathganj, District Murshidabad, West Bengal

From the last six-seven years, Amar Singha has been breathing all the stereotypes relating to Indian paintings with his abstractions. His art is sought after by many art galleries in Indian and the world. He is a successful blogger also. His blog on art topped the list of best fifteen blogs. Expertido also included his blog in the list of top nine art blogs. His artistic creation has been honored by many international accolades like Special Recognition award, LST Gallery, Florida, USA, Honorable Mention award IVAC, New York, Award of Excellence Artavita, Los Angeles, Listed artist of Global Art Directory, London.

Recently, he was made the Ambassador of Art by Artdex, New York. His creativity is not only just confined to painting. He is a designer, photographer, and musician. He did his schooling from the Ramakrishna Mission Primary School, Calcutta. He completed his graduation in art from the Art college of Calcutta.

Arjun Das, Jamshedpur

Arjun Das took birth on 6th October 1984 in Jamshedpur, Jharkhand. He belongs to a Hindu family and his art reflects the influence of Indian Mythology and traditional Indian art to a certain extent. His favorite themes in art are a rainy day, religion and mythology, and abstractions. He participated in a solo event in 2010 organized by United Club. All his artworks that were displayed were sold. This is a kind of accomplishment that every painter longs and seeks to have. Banaras is one of the recurring subject matter in his paintings. The spirituality of the place intrigues him. He completed his education from BangiaSangeet Parishad and passed with flying colors after six years in 2003. He also did a four-year diploma in art from Jamshedpur School of Art in the year 2005.

He has been endowed with many awards and recognitions for his works. His paintings display a power play of human emotions. The human faces drawn in abstract style pique the interest of the spectator to the fullest. The feelings that these faces reflect are very subtle and painted with finesse.

Nitu Chhajer, Howrah, West Bengal

There is something with this painter and circles. Her paintings could be easily identified from the whole lot based on her unique styles. She creates beautiful symmetrical patterns by joining small dots. Her inclination towards Buddism and Buddha is prominent through her work. It seems as if art has found her willing to be expressed through her brushstrokes. Despite being a self-taught artist, her work is a perfect example of precision and perfection.

She was born in Rajasthan. But, after some time, her parents shifted to Kolkata. She was brought up there. According to her art is like worship. It brings joy and calmness to her. Buddha and enlightenment are central themes in all her paintings. The backdrop is usually dominated by circles made by joining small circles. She paints Radha and Krishna when she is feeling her heart brimming with love and Durga when she needs to feel empowerment.

These Indian artists are breaking all the barriers and stereotypes with their zeal and enthusiasm that they display them in their artwork.