In Nov 2019, Verizon, in collaboration with The Chainsmokers, hosted the first-ever Augmented Reality 5G concert. We all know that 5G is the next big thing in the event industry as it will take away the Wi-Fi problems and limited connectivity. But what does 5G has to offer the event industry?

It is more than just reliable and broader connectivity. 5G in the event industry promises new viewer experience with breakthrough technology of AR/ VR and holograms. Remember how excited we used to get every time we saw characters in the Star Wars communicating in thin air with holograms and realistic AR moments. Well, it seems like all your dreams are about to come true!

All you need to know about the First-Ever 5G Augmented Reality Event!

November 2019, saw the first-ever 5G Augmented Reality Event in the history. How was the user experience? Were there any shortcomings? How did they integrate 5G with the event technology? Here is everything you need to know and what it means for your future events.

What is 5G?

5G network is the future of wireless networks. It is 1,000 times faster than a 4G network with minimal delays and the ability to connect to thousands of devices at one time. The idea of 5G is to have good coverage and get rid of slow Wi-Fi networks. Some of the applications of 5G in the entertainment and event industry include AR/ VR, live streaming, IoT, and many more.

Event Overview

Branded as ‘the first 5G-powered concert’, the Chainsmoker’s performed live at the Chase Center in San Francisco on Nov 2019 and delivered a new experience to their viewers. Before the concert, the Verizon released a statement on social media saying:

“Using a 5G smartphone, a group of selected fans will be able to hold the phone up to the stage and see The Chainsmokers through an augmented reality (AR) lens. Thanks to 5G’s fast speed, high bandwidth, and low latency, these fans can experience high-fidelity graphics and imagery timed music and controlled by the show producers. This highly interactive multi-user experience can allow these fans to play with the objects and also see what others with 5G smartphones are doing.”


The event was no doubt a new experience for the attendees, but it had some shortcoming as discussed below:

  1. The AR technology covered only one Chainsmokers song, and interaction was limited.
  2. The 5G AR experience was only available to the audience in specific seating areas.
  3. You could see AR transformation while watching a live stream. However, it wasn’t up to expectation.
  4. One of the biggest issues was that in order to achieve that AR experience, you needed a touch screen to interact with, unlike holograms.

The lesson to learn here is that by using different techniques like 3D projection mapping with 5G could have created an event experience that drives people outside the venue! For example, the below image shows how King’s College Chapel was turned into a magical starry universe by using projection mapping technology.

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How to Integrate 5G in Your Events?

The entertainment and the event industry is still trying to get the maximum potential of 5G technology. Similarly, the Chainsmoker’s AR concert provides a learning lesson for all event producers.

3D- Holograms

One of the most famous uses of 5G in event history is the use of hologram technology transmitted through a fast 5G network. During X-Factor Italy 2019, a guest Gianna Nannini was able to perform at two stages in one time. She physically performed at Berlin for the 30th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, but her real-time performance was filmed and sent over to Milan, where her hologram performed in virtual!

Holographic technology is a safer option than AR when it comes to living events. One of the reasons behind this is that for holograms, you don’t need any screen as the image can be projected in the air. One of the recent most sensational use of hologram is the use of holographic animals at a German circus, that took the internet by storm.

5G Benefits for the Event Industry

The benefits of the 5G are phenomenal, considering its impressive ability to generate virtual experiences. There are, however, some challenges when it comes to integrating 5G with events that need to be addressed by every event planner.

  1. Reliable connectivity: 5G will solve all connectivity issues and problems at the events. Now your guests can post on social media during your event non-stop.
  2. Expanded coverage a better connectivity a higher bandwidth means a seamless digital experience for your attendees and high-quality live event streaming.
  3. A better event infrastructure: in larger events, 5G technology would lead to better event management as there would be sensors and cameras tracking every move.

5G will not only improve the overall event experience but also make events more secure and interactive. So, if you are planning a future event in Dubai – the city of dreams, make sure to consult a corporate events Dubai based company to wow your audience and make a statement in the event industry.

The Future is Here!

The technology of 5G is still a new concept; however, it has the potential to revolutionize the event industry. Just like The Chainsmokers concert, you need to be ready to embrace this technology in your events when it is made available all around the world. The benefits of using this technology are too much, and you should take advantage of this as soon as possible.

Be the first one to try something new at your events and grab everyone’s attention.

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