It is a well-known fact that the clothes we wear have a large impact on the way we feel about ourselves. Wearing the right outfit that flatters your body and reflects your personality can give you the confidence boost you need to brave the cold this winter. As the warm seasons come to an end, it can be a bummer for many people to say goodbye to sunny days and a colorful summer wardrobe. However, this is a chance to mix it up with new fashion items of  that are fun to wear between seasons as winter approaches.

Mexican-inspired Style

Deciding on what to wear in-between seasons can be quite a challenge for some people. Finding an item of clothing that fits the weather requirements and still looks trendy is not always easy. However, the fashion gurus at recommend giving Baja hoodies and Mexican blanket-like shawls a try as they combine modern fashion with a heavy enough layer of fabric to keep you warm in chilly temperatures. These traditional Mexican clothing items are usually quite colorful and would suit most casual outfits. The great thing about Baja hoodies and blanket-like shawls is that they are very unique and will most likely make you stand out in a crowd. They are also trendy and comfortable to wear for long periods.

Checkered Patterns

One clothing style that never seems to get old is checkered/ pleated patterns. Summer is known for its vibrant and bold colors, whereas winter is more known for its darker, more subtle palettes. So, for the seasons in between, especially in the fall right before winter kicks in, the checkered patterned fabric would be a great addition to your wardrobe. You can play around with this print and try it on different clothing items. It would work perfectly with blazers and casual suits. Pleated skirts also make for elegant yet casual items that you can wear at work or for a special night out.

Off-the-Shoulder/ Asymmetrical Neck Lines

If you are bummed about the summer coming to an end and all the light clothes going to the back of the wardrobe, you can try to recreate the look with non-heavy layers by wearing an off-the-shoulder or asymmetrical neck lined top or dress. The trendy look would work perfectly during the fall season and even at the start of winter if worn under a light coat. Consider choosing different colored patterns that match the weather as well as your personal preferences. Asymmetrical necklines, in particular, are quite trendy this season and you can wear them in tops or short dresses accessorized with long earrings.

Edgy, Leather Look

Looking cool during the colder months has never been easier with leather clothing. Leather coats and jackets not only give you the warmth you would need as winter approaches, but they would also give you a trendy and edgy look. Traditional leather styles are available in a wide range of prices, and they can be found in a variety of luxury retail stores and high street shops. For those who care about the planet and animal rights, you can easily find vegan leather clothes that look just as good as natural leather.

Ankle Boots for Daily Wear

If you are looking to take your casual wear game to the next level, then ankle boots might work magic for you. Getting simple ankle boots to go with your jeans and casual tops would elevate your outfits, and still match with the weather conditions of the fall and midi season fashion. You might also want to consider investing in a couple of fashionable waterproof boots for rainy days. This new trend in fashion has been adopted by numerous major brands that have taken the regular boots and played around with their designs to make them elegant enough for daily wear.

Tassels Everywhere!

For some people, clothing items decorated with tassels are connected to the cowboy look, but that is not always the case. This season, many pre-winter collections have adopted the tassel look and incorporated it into jackets, tops, skirts, dresses, and even bags. If you are looking to turn heads this winter, then adding some tassels into your wardrobe might just be the thing you need to make your outfits more fun.


Making the transition from one season to another can be a little challenging when it comes to choosing suitable clothes. As winter approaches, you should try to mix up your style a little with trendy clothing items that have an edge to them. Make sure you look for inspiration to be able to put together outfits that flatter your body shape and reflect your personality.