If you are one of those who only wear a watch on the wrist, then let us tell you that there are other accessories that you should try to amp up your wrist style. Bracelets for instance are a beautiful way to create a charming effect and make you look glamorous.

If you find it difficult how to select and style the bracelet with your outfit, then here we are to give you a little push. There are several gold bracelet designs for women to choose from.

Read on to know how you can incorporate gold bracelets in your daily look to create a statement.


  1. Consider the Event – Like other jewelry pieces, selecting a bracelet for your wrist depends on the event you want to wear it to. If you want something that can seamlessly blend with your office wear, then pick a single strand of a delicate diamond-studded bracelet. You won’t regret it! It will give you a classy look, and create quite an impression on others. If you want to style a bracelet for a date night, then don’t shy away from picking a charm bracelet, they look cute, flirtatious, and romantic.
  2. Pick Something Comfortable –  The fit of the bracelet is very important. Don’t hook it up too tight or leave it dangling loose. Often loose bracelets get tangled with dresses easily and spoil them or can even slip out of your wrist. They also make jingling noises which can be distractive especially if you are wearing them for a corporate lunch. The right way to wear a bracelet is to have it sit just above your wrist bone firmly, not very tight. An ill-fitted bracelet is sore to anyone’s eye, so make sure to measure your wrist and then pick a model that’s perfect and comfortable. To style your hand further you can also pick affordable diamond rings that complement the bracelet.
  1. Check the Length of the Sleeves – Yes the length of the sleeve of your dress totally matters when you decide to wear a bracelet. If you are dressing in a shirt, or a gown with long sleeves, don’t even think of wearing a bracelet on top of it, you lose the whole look of it. Save the effort, leave bracelets for dresses that show off your toned arms.
  2. Double the Fun – Has the thought of teaming a bracelet with your watch ever cross your mind? If yes, then go ahead implement this idea! It’s a great way to make you look modern, chic, and stylish. There is some playful element when a watch and bracelet come together, it’s like they are doubling up the fun and your style too.
  3. Experiment with the Metal – While a simple, classy bracelet is what gives you a neat appearance, this shouldn’t stop you from experimenting a little bit. For a more funky look, you can stack a couple of bracelets of different metals like platinum or silver with rose gold and yellow metal. After all, you can always be a trendsetter.

We hope the above guide will give you the confidence to carry a statement bracelet with any outfit.