Choosing womens raincoat can be a minefield, given the wide variety the market has to offer. However, making the perfect choice can be a staple to any wardrobe. To choose the right one at the right price point, you will need to have a deeper understanding of the technical salesy language used. Here, we give you a simple guide for choosing the perfect raincoat.

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The Fabric

Decide if you need a waterproof or just a water-resistant fabric. While waterproof jackets are designed with special technology that prevents water from sipping through, water-resistant ones come with a durable water repellent coating that can only withstand a light drizzle. This is to mean that you must pay some extra keen attention on the construction of the coat you are about to buy, given that it dictates performance. If the coat manufacturer claims that it is 100 percent waterproof, it must meet the 3 PSI British Standard. A top-quality coat should have taped seams, which is a sign that water will not get into contact with your inner garments.

Top Coats for Trendy Looks 2


When a storm hits you, the most natural thing to do is to cover yourself up with the raincoat. This is where the breathability factor comes in. Breathability is more about the frequency of the evaporation of the warmth felt underneath. A low breathability rating will mean enduring humidity. A high rating will require you to grab warm layers of clothing underneath your raincoat because it is excellent at keeping your body cool.


Maximise the value of your raincoat by choosing one that can be used in almost all of your excursions. Focus more on the circumstances the coat will be used and your activity level. For instance, if you are more of an office person or lead a cool active lifestyle, you want to purchase a coat that can be used for a light hike too. If you are more of an adventurous person, look for a sturdier raingear. The more the need for manoeuvrability or a high-level of activities that may cause you to sweat, the more the need for breathable and stretchy fabric. However, choose this without sacrificing quality and the needed protection from the elements.

Check the Hood

Choosing the right fabric is one thing, and getting a hood that serves you right is another. When it pours, expect some storm to accompany the rain. When this happens, how comfortable and easy is it to adjust the hood? Toggles that are easy to pull in an effort to tighten the hood is something many people do not think about, yet it is a crucial element. Also, consider a hood with a front peak to allow you to look ahead and shelter your eyes from the rain. The peak is also an excellent feature for people who wear glasses and those in makeup.

Once you have gone through these factors, you should be in a better position to choose womens raincoat that looks great,feels comfortable and one that suits your lifestyle.