A new pair of pants that give space for the balls has launched recently. The brand is called Lululemon.

The new pants that do not crush the balls cost about 1000 Egyptian pounds are a wide paneled gusset and four-way stretch Warpstreme fabric.

The newly launched company got a bid for its new line of product that could yield upto $1 billion according to Bloomberg.

In addition to adding more men’s styles, the company is allocating more retail real estate to the category. After opening its first men’s-only store in New York last Black Friday, Lululemon is now considering additional flagship-sized locations in different markets that would give men’s clothing more display room, CFO Stuart Haselden said on the call.

As of last November, men’s products make up 17 percent of Lululemon’s total retail offer.


Do your regular pants crush your balls? Would you buy a 1000 EGP pants just to satisfy your balls? Tell us please….