With fashion ever changing it is no surprise that people are wanting something a bit different to hold onto. Whether it’s having customised jacket printing or niche fashionwear, there is a high demand for products that make you stand out from the crowd.

Clothing is a large proportion of the fashion industry and accounts for a lot of fashion purchases. With clothes being mass produced it is no wonder people are looking for alternative fashion that is unique and helps them stand out as an individual. You can now get jacket printing to suit your style, this is a popular addition to many people’s outfits.

Throw Away Fashion


It is nice to stand out from the crowd and have different fashion accessories to the majority as it show’s off your individuality which is a great quality to have.

You can show your individuality levels in many ways, from custom windbreaker printing to one-of-a-kind pairs of shoes, the options are endless. It can be very important that you stand out as an individual to some people, for some it is their way to show people their identity.

When on holiday the likelihood is that you will find somebody wearing the same bikini or swimwear as you because all fashion is mass produced. By having custom made clothing and having your accessories be completely unique such as utilizing customizations such as windbreaker printing, you can show your individuality and have a style like no other


One major problem with the fashion industry at the moment is the fact that so much fashion is “throwaway fashion” and is mass produced so that it can be bought cheaply and readily disposed of when it’s the next season of fashion. It’s a sad concept as clothing is no longer treasured by the individual, it is simply being bought and discarded without any considerations for the environment.

It is an ever changing, ever developing area which follows patterns of trends which are usually set by influencers and people with social powers. The problem with this is that most people simply bin their clothing when it “goes out of fashion”, this is bad for the environment and a complete waste of money for the people that are purchasing the clothes.


In order to protect the environment and stop people disposing of their clothes so readily there has to be some form on change. Our fashion accessories should be ones that we like because of how they look not because it is the latest fashion trend, whilst this can seem daunting as first, it makes so much more sense for people to think of clothing as an investment.

If people can find bespoke fashion and accessories then they are far more likely to keep it as opposed to chucking it out when it isn’t in style anymore. It is important that people can make positive changes if they want to see positive results, whilst this won’t happen overnight it is important to be patient and accept change.