Do you have an extensive jewelry collection or are you just starting out, and want some staple pieces to go with everything? When picking out jewelry most people want something that not only compliments most of their outfits, but something that also could stand out on its own.

Accessorizing can be difficult for some because there are so many options to choose from. So it is best to keep it simple and go with one of the most versatile pieces in the game, the cuban link chain.

Today, we will go over the many ways you can wear a cuban link chain, and how to style it so you can take full advantage of its capabilities. With so many options to choose from it’s going to get interesting so let’s get started.

Origin of the Cuban Link Chain?

The Cuban link is a staple, but it had to originate from somewhere and most believe that the origin of its popularity started in the 1970s. When Cubans migrated to the Miami area they had a particular style that began to spread across the United States. South Florida was a melting pot of tourists and travelers who saw this Latin inspired style and brought it to their state. Now, Cuban links can be seen everywhere and are one of the most notable jewelry pieces in the world.

What is a Cuban Link?

The Cuban link is not the standard cable chain that you are accustomed to, there are a couple unique factors to it. This particular link features an oval shape and these ovals are interlinked together to resemble a rope-like pattern. The modern twist on a classic silhouette is what makes this such a fan favorite. The ability to layer it and combine them with other chains, which we’ll get into later, are also a big factor in choosing a Cuban link.

Types of Cuban Link Chains

There is a reason why Cuban links are considered one of the most versatile chains in the market. It is because of the variety of sizes that the Cuban link can come in. The ability to mix and match size and length are great for people who want to wear them with multiple outfits. Here are only a couple of Cuban links styles available:

  • Cuban (Gold)- 4mm
  • Cuban (Gold)-8mm
  • Cuban (Gold)-12mm
  • Cuban (Silver)- 4mm
  • Cuban(Silver)- 8mm
  • Cuban(Silver)-12mm

cuban link chain

Most people think of Cubans links; they associate them with gold, but they also come in silver.

Silver is a great alternative to gold and also has great versatility depending on the outfit you plan on wearing with them. The varying sizes go from 4mm to 12mm and will help you stand out from the crowd showcasing these flashy chains.

Of course the chains can come in bigger sizes in length and width, but they can also come with other things. Since the chain has a flat surface jewelers are able to put diamonds on the chain if they wanted it. You can also choose  what material your chains are made out of in some cases. Some Cubans are gold plated and others could be solid gold. Of course there are silver Cuban links but there is another type called gold-filled Cubans as well. Each has a certain price point so make sure you do your research when trying to find the right Cuban link for yourself or someone else.

Can you Add Pendants?

Yes, Cuban links can be a statement piece but sometimes you still want to spice it up a little bit more. Gothic pendants are a great way to add even more personal style onto your chain. If you do not bring your chain out or have an exaggerated chain length, pendants could be the perfect compliment to chain. Depending on the makeup of your Cuban link, considering size and weight, the right pendant would garner a ton of attention.

Can you Layer Cuban Links?

Styling accessories is key to perfecting an outfit, and like most jewelry Cuban links can also be layered. The different sizing options allow for them to fit perfectly together and complement each other. Fashion is always changing and trends tend to come and go, but layering chains is something that seems to stay in style no matter what season. When layering chains it is best to have your chains at least 2 inches apart especially dealing with the larger chains. This will not only have your layering looking neat, but also people will be able to see that you actually have multiple chains on. When chains are overlapping each other the possibility of them scratching each other or getting tangled increases. Also if you are adding a pendant, it will be able to hang within that 2 inch space.

Get Creative

At the end of the day, you should use your creativity to style your chains. Cuban links are so versatile, it is more than one way to show them off. With the types of chains available, you can mix and match until you find the right fit. If you want to be flashy and show off your chains or if you want to be subtle and have only one statement piece there is no bad decision.