Top Coats for Trendy Looks

Top Coats for Trendy Looks

Coats are a smart way to add layers to your look. This protective wear is a functional and stylish addition for cold or rainy weather. Never underestimate the complexity a coat can add to your outfit. I used to think a coat is basically a jacket, but that isn’t entirely true. Coats are longer and more structured than jackets. No wardrobe is complete without a coat or two. So how do you choose the right coat for your style? Let’s look at some choices when it comes to coasts.


Trench coats are the holy grail of winter wear. Don’t have one? Why? These are ideal coats for cold weather. It comes in varying lengths, colors, and fabric to suit your outfit of the day. When choosing the right trench, think about all the ways you can wear it. This timeless item can be quite diverse. Selecting the right trench for you will dictate all the different ways you can wear it. If you are the bold type of fashionista, go for unconventional colored trench coats. They are a classic yet stylish combo that is sure to turn some heads. Once you pick your ideal trench, consider all the ways you can style it. Throwing it on over a simple top jeans outfit is one choice, the obvious choice.

When you wear your coat to work, go for a neutral palette. Other than that, go nuts with all the stylish ways you can rock your trench.

PRO TIP for trench coats owners, if you choose to wear it with something other than pants, make sure the hem of your coat finishes before that of your bottom.


Top Coats for Trendy Looks 2Some people like to call these puffer coats. Talk about a fabulous sporty item. Puffer coats are warm and light coats for those nights you want to go watch a football or soccer game outside. It’s almost impossible to go wrong with this coat. It is a unique item to have in your wardrobe. So how do you properly wear these? There really isn’t a wrong or right way with quilted feather coats. What you can do is spice up your puffer coat look to make it work for you.

Sticking to the regular jeans and jacket look is nice and all, but why don’t you try something different with this coat. Midi puffer coats are perfect over a fancy top and those work pants.


Top Coats for Trendy Looks 2Just get an umbrella! That is what most people think about raincoats. Don’t overlook how well raincoats can compliment your style for an effortlessly chic vibe. Macs don’t just come in one form and color.

Contrary to what most people would think, raincoats are a whole fashion niche on their own. Haven’t been raincoat shopping yet? You better get a move on. Choosing the ideal raincoat is as important as with other items in your closet.

Don’t just grab any coat and go. Think about the color and form and how it will compliment your outfits. Where do you even start? You can check out some online stores that carry fabulous options to add to your wardrobe. For instance, check out some options from Lily Lulu. You’ll be shocked by how much you’ve been missing out on. Set the date if you haven’t already. It’s about time you went shopping for a bunch of raincoats.


Top Coats for Trendy Looks 2To clarify, I don’t mean other coats, but longer. Maxi coats are a whole other item. These are as elegant as coats get. They come in different fabrics, forms, colors, you name it. They add a flowy, trail like element to any look. No wonder they are so fabulous. They give your whole look movement. The only standard thing about maxi coats is their length. With all the designs and colors available, it is almost sinful not to have one.

Are you looking for a casual piece, why don’t you check out some hooded maxis that are a fun way to wear these? AND THE BELT! Some of the coats come with a belt that extenuates that beautiful feminine silhouette. There is nothing more you’d with a maxi coat, well except more maxi coats.


Top Coats for Trendy Looks 2Only one word comes to mind with these coats, luxurious. They add a Celtic thunder to your look. A shearling coat is not only beautiful to look at but also to think about. Picture all the work that goes into making you one of these beauties. Each of these coats is crafted with love. No wonder they’re a luxury item. Having one is essential for a complete coat collection. Shearling coats are lovely because of the diversity they add to your look. Forgetting fashion for one second: how warm are these?

If you’re not comfy with the idea of sheep being sheared to make you a coat, you can get a faux shealring coat. It’s just as beautiful and fashion forward as the real thing. Faux shearlings make sure that you save the planet and still look fierce doing it.


No coat collection is complete without an evening coat or two. Evening coats are a fabulous way to stay cute and comfy. These are a trendy way to make that day to night transition without compromising on that elegant look you may have on. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or a bold statement maker, evening coats have you covered. The next time you want to go out, don’t forget to take your evening coat with you.

Final thoughts

Having just one coat is not enough. Everyone needs to have a coat collection. Coats are a great way to express your style while barring yourself from the cold. There is no replacing the magic coats have on your general style. These are just some fashion favorites that you should incorporate into your wardrobe. Still not enough? Why not add a few more unorthodox pieces to your collection for that unique trendsetter look.