It’s no secret that these days having long hair is no longer just a female trait. However, it has now become a popular feature among men too. Moreover, with the wide variety of hairstyles available these days, long hair is a popular style trend. As such, we decided to take some time and discuss some of the hat options that you can wear, while rocking that type of hairstyle. And also, discuss the proper way to style these hats in the process, so let’s dive in![ trucker hat wholesale]

Knitted Hats

The added benefit of long hair is being able to keep your head warm, even when it’s chilly out. Additionally, owning this type of hat can do the same for you. In the cold winter season, many people often wear these hats. This is mainly because of how stylish, convenient, and warm they are. Plus, they come in a wide variety of colors to choose from and they also look fantastic when worn with sunglasses. However, the main reason why it is so appealing is that people with short hair can also rock it. And look fantastic in the process, as well! This is because, unlike straw hats for instance, they are quite easy to combine with extra hair. You simply have to put it on and just like that, you can quickly be on your way. Moreover, these hats are not prejudiced to a specific type of size or shape of the head, making anyone look very stylish. Much like if you wore a custom printed trucker hat, they are perfectly suited to fit anyone depending on the style chosen.


In short, the main point of rocking one of these caps is to essentially let your hair still stand out, even while being covered. After all, everyone enjoys seeing some healthy hair, so you should naturally take this as an advantage. Moreover, despite it being commonly worn during the colder season, you should not be surprised if you see some people pulling off the look in the hotter summer weather, either. And while you may think it ridiculous at first, you’d be surprised at the laidback vibe that it also gives off in the hot seasons.[ wholesale caps]


There’s no doubt that the fedora is a well-loved accessory for many people worldwide. However, there are just as many people who know how fashionable they are but will avoid wearing them because they don’t feel confident. However, the fedora can be considered to be just as fashionable and versatile as custom printed trucker hats or baseball caps, for instance. Moreover, the fedora comes with a wide brim that does well to highlight your face. Additionally, it complements long-haired people extremely well. You can simply put it on, tuck the hair behind your ears and just like that, you are as fashionable as a celebrity. An alternative style involves simply allowing the hair to fall naturally down, but that is often a style worn by women.

Another added advantage to rocking fedoras is how light they are to put on. It is for this reason that you may not even end up realising it’s on your head. This can prove to be very important, especially in the hotter seasons, when you don’t want to be lugging around heavy attire. Plus, the hotter the weather, then the more likely you will sweat. This is often a very uncomfortable experience, especially with a heavy hat on your head. But the benefit of wearing fedoras is that they are made from lightweight materials, so you need not worry about that happening.

Baseball Hats

We absolutely cannot complete this list without discussing the most popular hat in the fashion game. These caps are consistently worn by millions worldwide and while fedoras are a fantastic option, they still don’t offer the same level of convenience that the baseball hat does. They can be worn in any type of climate and can also be worn while conducting heavy and intensive work or play eg. sports, for example. Moreover, they are fashionable enough to wear on nights out, which makes them the most versatile option that you could wear today. And while rocking custom embroidered snapback hats, has also become a popular trend, the benefit of the baseball cap is that they are slightly more well-suited to suit anybody’s wardrobe or occasion. This then raises the question of whether they are suited to be worn by those carrying long hair? [custom baseball cap]

Yes, they are. We mentioned before that wearing hat that is not heavy is crucial for people rocking long hair. Well, there is no accessory lighter than a baseball hat. Plus these caps are also highly adjustable, which is something many hats such as the trucker hat or even fedora, lacks. This is because even if your head size ends up bigger than the hat itself, you may have to struggle to fit your head in. This can prove to be quite a frustrating experience. However, since they can be easily adjusted through their straps, these caps can fit anyone’s head size perfectly. So you don’t have to worry, even if have a small or big head! Moreover, if you are trying to fashionably style this hat, you can easily place your hair behind your ears, much like you would do with the fedora. Plus, if you compliment the whole outfit with a pair of cool sunglasses, you will undoubtedly look stunning.