With an expected global market growth of CAGR 7.77% by 2023, the coffee capsule market is set to garner at least $5.3 billion by then. One of the biggest market players of coffee capsules such as Nespresso is constantly employing new and innovative capsules which enhance sustainability by employing materials beneficial to the environment.

Nespresso is currently the biggest market player with an estimate of selling around 14 billion capsules per year. With a wide range of coffee capsules available in the market, consumers can access a variety of flavors, all blended to captivate their taste buds.

The Nespresso coffee machines are designed to ensure the right blend of coffee capsules, making other players in the market make capsules compatible with these machines. This has segmented Nespresso’s stand in the market, making them dominant in the coffee capsule game.

Nespresso C055CW UMilk Coffee Maker

But what makes coffee capsules so popular?

Coffee capsules are small pockets of coffee packed in environmentally friendly material for use in various coffee machines. Most coffee capsules are compatible with various machines offering convenience to the consumer.

The advent of coffee capsules has changed the coffee industry to incorporate homeowners into being part of the coffee craze. The use of coffee capsules provides a level of exclusivity and sophistication to ardent coffee drinkers, taking the coffee experience to a whole new level. Most coffee drinkers do not want instant coffee, and neither are they willing to purchase the expensive apparatus that is prevalent in cafes.

Coffee drinkers want the coffee café experience in their homes, and coffee capsules offer this possibility by providing rich flavored blends for use anytime. Brewing this coffee is simple, as the coffee capsule is inserted into the coffee machine where high pressured hot water is passed through it.

The coffee capsules offer convenience as there is minimal clean-up after preparation. The capsules hold the coffee inside without spillage, making this the best option for quick coffee preparation. Thus, coffee capsules are quick to dispose of and let go, making them the perfect choice in this fast-paced life.

Coffee capsules offer improved coffee quality as the capsules are carefully packaged to prevent the presence of oxygen in the capsules, which will make the coffee get stale. This is often due to the oxidation process and the effect it has on the coffee.

Market players are also offering developed technology in the coffee capsule market with more quality packaging that attracts consumers. The continuous improvement of coffee capsules has made them popular with more machines being compatible with them, minimizing failure rates.

The changes in seals and packaging have tremendously improved to maximize freshness and ensure the capsules retain the original taste of coffee. Brands are employing exotic and sophisticated packaging to compete in the market.  Therefore, coffee drinkers do not necessarily have to rely on brewed coffee with this faster alternative.

Nespresso C050MR U Coffee Machine – Red

Where to get coffee capsules in Canada

The popularity of coffee capsules has made it possible for their accessibility in various stores. Several online stores offer coffee capsules with a whole range of flavors for the consumer.

For coffee drinkers who are looking to get the ultimate coffee experience, there are available coffee boutiques around Canada that offer consumers the ultimate experience. For instance, Nespresso store locations have a plethora of coffee options to choose from, and a guide on the right coffee options to choose from. Consumers can also access their website to find out store locations within their area.

Some coffee stores also offer complimentary tasting to their clients, to give them options on tasting before they make a purchase. Therefore, coffee capsules are available through major online retailers.

Choosing the right coffee capsule

Before purchasing coffee pods, it is best to consider the following:

Size of the capsule

Coffee capsules come in various sizes depending on the quantity of coffee inside them. Coffee capsules offer a single serving or slightly more. Therefore, whether you want an espresso or a large latte, consider the quantity of the capsules you will need before purchase.


Stronger and intense coffee capsules offer a longer-lasting taste than mild ones. Purchasing the right capsule depending on your preferred taste will ensure you get the right choice. There are also a variety of flavors that ensure consumers get the best in coffee tastes according to their palettes.


Most capsules are compatible with most coffee machines; however, it is best to ensure the capsule is compatible with your machine before purchase to avoid disappointment.

Coffee capsules and sustainability

The move to create recyclable materials to enhance sustainability for the environment is being embraced by market players in the coffee industry. As coffee consumption is one of the largest markets in the world, the need for capsules that can be recycled is important.

Nespresso Canada’s release of their 80% recycled aluminum has changed the game by enabling the recycling of the product materials. The aluminum material is readily recyclable and helps maintain the fresh aroma of the coffee in the capsule. Aluminum is a light material, therefore, making the capsules 8% lighter than any other material.

The use of aluminum merges with the company’s objectives for a sustainable environment and convenient lightweight packaging options. Nespresso’s machine packaging boxes are also fully recyclable making their disposal that much easier and efficient.

Market players in the coffee industry are embracing producer responsibility by ensuring their products are reusable to prevent the pollution of capsules all over thus protecting the environment.

The use of polypropylene is also being employed by companies as it can be recycled and used in coffee capsules. The use of recycled materials has enabled market players to be readily accepted in the market, with more consumers opting for environmentally friendly materials.

The coffee capsule industry has attracted market players seeking to invest in the industry due to the high-profit margins from the market sales. With a low-cost entry appeal into the market, market players are looking to cash in big on coffee capsules by providing high-quality coffee to consumers.