Second and third-degree burns are excruciating, and there are different treatments that you will be given to make you feel better. When you are stable, your physician will determine the care that you need from there, including skin grafts. You will also have medication that you will need to take and how to proceed to give you treatment in the future to control the symptoms you have. That will ensure that you avoid infections and problems in the future.

Second Degree Burns

Second-degree burns damage the top layer of your skin and the underlying areas. It will cause redness, splotches, blisters, swelling, and pain. When you are waiting to be examined, you will need to remove any clothing that will cover the burn. If it is not possible because the clothes are sticking to your burn, leave it alone and don’t attempt to remove it again because you will damage your skin and cause the situation to become worse. The doctor will clean the wound carefully and treat you with cream, and depending on the severity, keep you for monitoring. They will also prescribe antibiotics to prevent infection, and if you have a severe burn, perform a skin graft to help with the damaged area.

Urgent Care

Third Degree Burns And Orange County Wound Care

Third-degree burns are severe and always require a skin graft. They are extremely painful, and if they don’t hurt, it is a good indicator that your nerves have been damaged. The burn site may also be discolored in these colors.

● Gray
● Black
● Yellow
● Brown
● White

It may also appear leathery, waxy, and charred. Treatment immediately depends upon how badly you are burned. Still, standard treatment includes antibiotics through an IV, a skin graft to help the affected area, tetanus shot to avoid bacteria, and medication. The medication will help with pain and has anti-inflammatory properties. Orange County wound care also provides surgery either once or multiple times to help heal the affected area. These things alone will not completely cure the wound, however. You will still have healing after the hospital, where you may need an at-home nurse or doctor to help heal you. If you need to remain at the hospital, they will offer you services for your mental health and physical health.

Choosing The Best Hospital For Medical Care

When choosing your hospital, you need to know that you are getting the proper treatment, and with burns, you can rest assured that you won’t have these issues and the pain forever. You can heal and move on from it and become better. Don’t let the pain overwhelm you and stop you from coming to the doctor. Seek medical help right away. Let them heal you and ensure that you will avoid the issues that come from leaving burns unattended. Now that you know what the hospital can do for you, ensure that you go and get the help that you deserve as soon as possible so that you can keep your health in place.