Going through a divorce is difficult for everyone in a family. It’s important to give your kids the support they need when dealing with divorce.

Keep reading for some tips for helping children cope with divorce. Make sure you’re giving your child the support they need to cope with a divorce healthily.

How Can I Make Joint Child Custody Work for Me and My Family?

1. Make It Clear That Your Child Is Loved

The most important thing to do during a divorce is to make sure that your child knows that they are loved. It’s important that your child knows that they are not a part of the problem between you and your spouse.

Often, children may figure that they are somehow to blame for a divorce. Making it clear that this is not the case is a must for keeping your child’s self-esteem healthy. Make sure your child understands that just because one parent may have primary custody, it doesn’t mean that the other parent loves them any less.

2. Encourage Open Communication

This time can often be confusing for children, which may result in inner frustration that builds up. Making sure your child knows that they can come to you with any questions or concerns they have regarding the divorce is best to avoid this inner turmoil. Allowing your child to feel comfortable to express themselves openly can help them navigate this process.

You should also create an environment where you allow your child to express their disappointment. It’s important not to downplay your child’s emotions, as they may be expiericing pain and sadness too. A child should feel that they can come to you with issues without making you angry or upset to help them feel that their emotions are valid.

If a child feels uncomfortable voicing their feelings, give them another option of communication, such as writing you a letter or drawing you a picture. This can help a child who may feel embarrassed or overwhelmed about expressing their feelings to you. Offering up additional ways for a child to express themselves may increase the likelihood that they actually do it.

3. Aim for Peaceful Interactions

No matter how frustrated you may feel towards your former partner, keeping all interactions with your ex-partner civil and peaceful in front of your children is a must. If you have an inclination that a conversation may become heated, wait till your child is not around, whether the conversation is happening over the phone or in person. If your child is exposed to parental fights, they are more likely to have a hard time adjusting to the divorce.

While you don’t have to be very friendly with your former partner, being civil in front of the child is best. Even if you’re not openly argumentative, a child can become anxious if any interactions between their parents are clearly uncomfortable or stressful.

Tips for Helping Children Cope With Divorce


Divorce is difficult for anyone and can be especially hard to navigate when children are involved. Keep these tips for helping children cope with divorce in mind to help your child make this difficult transition in a way that is healthy.

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