Fly fishing with your kids is an interesting activity since it requires lots of determination, patience and intense focus with nature. Teaching your kid how to fly fish is one of the most rewarding things that a parent can do since it can lead to a lifetime of adventures and experiences. Get your child the right fishing tools to make them feel comfortable and enjoy fishing.

If you want your kids to love to fly fishing in Tulum as you do, here are a few tips that can help you share your skills with your kids.

Survey the area

Scout the best area ahead of time to ensure that you select the best location. This process is very important for you and your loved one to avoid spending too much time on one fishing point. Surveying the area involves checking if fish are available in the pond, checking the depth, water temperature, ensuring the area is secure, and many more. You can select a nice grassy area with gentle banks by the river or pond where there aren’t many obstacles for a nice session.

Get your kid the right equipment

Please select the right fly-fishing rod for your kids to make them feel comfortable and master skills easily. It is best to use a child-sized fishing rod since the rods for redfish come in different lengths. Fly rods for children are designed to be lighter and flimsy. Using the right fly rod for your child builds their skills and helps them have an enjoyable general experience.

Sailboat Fishing

Teach them basic fly casting technique

At this point, you can speed the process by simply working with a casting instructor. Allow your child to practice making 20-foot casts on their own to make them master the process. Fly casting technique will make it even simpler and faster for your kids to learn how to shoot line or double haul within their fishing catch range.


Fly fishing isn’t just about catching fish; you can make a good day out of it by doing other activities. When the kids get bored, allow them to explore and enjoy the environment if they can be responsible and careful. They can collect rocks, look for critters, grasshoppers, shrimp and worms to play with them. Allowing other activities is important for them since you are building a love for adventure and fishing in them, and they can make it their hobby.

Manage expectations

Don’t be surprised if you get unlucky throughout the fishing process. You can make the session fun by practising the cast, spending time as a family outside and exploring the habitat. Remember to carry snacks with you since the kids will get hungry and probably get bored with the fishing lessons. You can use this opportunity as the right time to build your child’s knowledge through conversations about fishing.

Parting words

Consistent practice of fly fishing with your kid makes it more interesting, and the child gets to learn how to fish on their own successfully. You can see more of our tips at Fly Fisher Pro here. Apply the above tips to help prepare and inspire both you and your kid to catch some fish. Remember to keep expectations low, be patient and allow the kids to learn at their own pace. Create your new fishing buddy and enjoy doing most of your fishing activities together.