Having a baby is a blessing. If you are a mum, you will agree that nothing is more beautiful than taking your little one in your hands for the first time. Now you are someone who is responsible for this little creature and you should do your best to make comfort for it.

Being a mum is a beautiful challenge. Sometimes you need to gain much awareness to easily overcome any obstacle and enjoy your maternity. With the help of The  Modern Midwife you can get the right support and enjoy your time with your baby. Due to an amazing source of information you can easily find answers to any of your questions.

Among the most important topics for mothers is baby feeding. Some prefer breastfeeding, as it has many advantages and protects the child from a number of health conditions, including allergies, obesities, illnesses, infections, etc.. Others just choose formula feeding for some reasons.

Regardless of your option, there is one common issue which can bother baby feeding: tongue tie.

What is a Tongue-Tie?

As a congenital condition, tongue-tie can be met by a number of babies. This is when the thin piece of skin which connects the underside of the baby tongue to the mouth is shorter than normal, which bothers the baby to move its tongue properly, causing some issues during feeding.

Regardless of the symptoms and signs, this is not a serious issue and can be easily fixed.

tongue tie

In order to make the feeding easier for the baby it is essential to know what to consider when choosing tongue tie feeding bottles.

One important thing when choosing such a bottle is to make sure that you choose a safe one, which will not cause the little one to choke. By creating comfort for the baby you can help it to eat without extra challenges.

Sometimes the enormous choice may cause difficulty when deciding, however if you research and find the pros and cons, read reviews and discuss it with a midwife, you can easily make your right selection.

tongue tie

Well, there are so many bottles with distinctive size, shape and brand, that it brings some confusion. However there are top things that you need to look when choosing a bottle for the baby:

Pay Attention to the Material

Baby bottles are made of different materials, including plastic, glass, silicone, etc.. Pay attention to which points are the most important for you in order to make an easy decision. Some look at the flexibility, others the weight, shape and size, etc..

So, have you thought about what you prioritize?

Choose BPA-free bottles

While in the case of the bottle material you have many options, when it comes to the point of BPA one thing is clear: the baby bottle should not contain this industrial chemical. Pay attention to buy a BPA-free bottle to protect your baby from any side effects.

Make Sure to Select the Best Nipple

When it comes to bottle nipples your choice stands between two materials: latex and silicone. The opinions about which is the best are individual and sometimes it depends on the baby.

Latex is more flexible, however, there are babies who have allergies to it. On the other hand silicone is firmer. Here it is essential to replace them when it is needed.

There are also other important features that are worth your attention. Have a look at the features that will minimize air bubbles, including vents,   drop-in inserts, etc.. Yes, being a mum is not easy, as it demands much knowledge and attention to any detail.

So, making the right decisions and taking care of the details, your baby and you can enjoy.