Beard oil is a cosmetic product for men that is normally made up of various conditioning ingredients. However most men underestimate how beneficial it can be, and generally feel that they don’t need to use any products at all on their beards.

If you’re skeptical about beard oil or simply don’t know what it does, here are four reasons why you should definitely start using it:

Prevent beard itch

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Beards often get very itchy, especially after two weeks to a month of growth. As your beard gets longer, the sebaceous glands on your skin can’t keep up and produce enough sebum oil to moisturize it – which makes your skin dry and results in an itch.

The fact that beard oil moisturizes your beard and nourishes it will directly help to prevent any itchiness. It will supplement the natural sebum oil that your skin produces, and make sure you don’t feel any discomfort.

Avoid beard dandruff

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Another common problem caused by insufficient moisture is beard dandruff. If you allow the skin underneath your beard to dry out, it will become flaky and start to fall off.

On the other hand if you use beard oil to moisturize your beard and the skin beneath it, you won’t have this problem. That is especially the case during dry and cold months.

Make styling much easier


One of the main reasons why beard oil is so popular nowadays is because it makes styling your beard a whole lot easier. By moisturizing your beard with oil, its hair will become softer and more manageable. Because of that it will behave better when you comb and brush it into shape.

It should be noted that nourishing and moisturizing your bard will make it healthier so that it looks lush and shiny. Needless to say that makes for a very good looking beard when you style it up.

Keep it smelling good


Unfortunately beards are a magnet for bad smells. As time goes by many beards take on unwanted smells due to the dirt, smoke, sweat, and pollutants that accumulate every day.

Applying beard oil can keep your beard smelling good however, due to the fact that most contain various natural fragrances such as sandalwood or mint. It will ensure your beard smells fresh, and doesn’t put people off when they accidentally get a whiff.

Now that you know why you should start using beard oil, why not take a look around at some of the options that are available? If you want you can check out Beard Farmer and take a look at the types of beard oil that are there.

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At the end of the day however, the best thing to do is to grab a bottle for yourself and start applying beard oil onto your beard. After the first few applications you’ll be able to see the benefits that it brings firsthand, and from there you probably will want to stock up and keep on applying it to your beard.