Be it your culinary endeavors or your beauty regime; olive oil has always been a key ingredient over the years. It has been around for years, sitting humbly on your shelves as the most beneficial, versatile relief to you.

Extracted from the fruits of olive trees, olive oil endures an abundance of benefits and comes with the assurance of purity.

The list of extra virgin olive oil health benefits is pretty much endless. But one advantage of the liquid fat that is hardly ever addressed is its usefulness in shaving and hair removal.

Amidst your busy days where you need to be on your toes, you cannot always afford the luxury of spending time on waxing or finding the right products for shaving foam.

In such cases, olive oil is the clear winner. Many beauty influencers and health bloggers have also started recommending it to smoothen the process of gliding your razor over.

Let’s find out why it works and how you can reap the benefits of olive oil when shaving!

Why Choose Olive Oil As An Alternative To Shaving Foam?

For a long time, you have relied on waxing or shaving for the removal of body hair. However, your encounter with these things might not always be pleasant.

Do you ever notice how your skin becomes bumpy after waxing or spot any concerning red rashes? It is all due to the harsh chemicals in these products.

On the other hand, shaving might seem like a time-saving option. But shaving foams irritate your skin and cause your skin pores to close, leading to the ineffective discharge of toxins from your body.

Olive Oil

This situation often results in severe skin acne and other infections, hindering the beauty of your smooth running skin.

But unlike any shaving cream filled with artificial scents and synthetic products, olive oil gives you a smooth and rash-free finish. Its natural ingredients are known to cause no permanent harm.

Another bonus point is that olive oil helps in the easy discovery of extra hair as compared to over shaving foam, making it easier to find hair in all areas. Unlike shaving foam, it does not decrease visibility.

Moreover, it assures that there are no harmful, allergic reactions on your skin. With every use of olive oil, you discover a better-looking and radiant skin.

The Treasures Of Olive Oil

In today’s time, where your skin is exposed to pollution and harmful UV rays, you go to some unusually great lengths to procure the right product that suits you perfectly.

All you seek from any beauty product is to stand by their commitment to giving you the perfect skin. But sometimes, all the money and time spent backfires or is of no use at all.

However, olive oil would never disappoint you as it possesses an endless list of benefits to help you achieve a healthy skin goal. When it comes to moisturizing the skin and treating inflammation and rashes, it delivers amazing results.

Thanks to its rich content of vitamin E, olive oil has been enjoying the premier position in terms of people’s choice for fighting the aging process and has been a successful ingredient in achieving the goal of healthy skin.

Moreover, its non-comedogenic nature doesn’t block the skin pores, thus eliminating any chances of pimples or acne. Rather, the oil expedites the acne-treatment process.

Besides, its anti-aging properties keep your skin safe from lines and wrinkles.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil And Its Benefits

The market is now brimming with so many types of olive oil. From standard, pure, refined, to pomace oil, you can choose from a never-ending list.

It’s quite a special challenge to choose the best one for your unique skin care needs. Nevertheless, this guide can help you make a better decision.

Olive Oil

Among all the varieties available, extra virgin oil is the best and purest of all. It is free of the chemical additives and is kept pure with its natural qualities.

A bottle of the best extra virgin olive oil comes with the goodness of purity and leaves the antioxidants unadulterated, helping your skin glow.

Shaving removes dead cells from your skin surface. By shaving with EVOO, you can give your skin a rich dose of antioxidants. This way, you get the added benefit of skin repair with dead cell removal.

In extra virgin olive oil, you get an additional benefit of antioxidants. Not only do they remove any impurity on your skin but also protect against radicals that can damage your epidermis.

EVOO also offers protection against sunburns and is the ideal choice to lighten the skin color.

Virgin olive oil can be used both before shaving, as a shaving foam substitute, or as a skin moisturizer after shaving. Upon regular use, you are certainly going to experience its benefits over time.

Steps To Follow

If you’re looking for a quick shave, olive oil is the easiest way out. Just a few steps and you will be all ready to step out with dazzling skin.

After cleansing your skin with lukewarm water and soap, apply olive oil all over your body with both your palms. Use extra oil for areas with more hair. This will allow the razor to glide over every curve easily.

After you are done shaving, rinse your skin properly to remove the odor. You can repeat the step again to get a cleaner shave. Eventually, you will feel your skin to be much softer to touch.

For extra moisturization for your skin, use a little olive oil on your skin again. Make sure it doesn’t get greasy. In no time, you will find that it works better than any other chemical moisturizer.

Wrapping Up

With years of usage in the beauty industry, olive oil has emerged as an effective solution for most skin-related problems. But it has rediscovered itself in the shaving segment by providing a smooth shave and cleaner finish.

Besides, the natural integrity of extra virgin oil gives it added richness compared to other heavily marketed chemical products.

With all these positive outcomes, it’s high time you included olive oil in your daily regime to make your skin look young and healthy.