Seeing a barber or hair stylist give someone a haircut looks simple enough until you have to give yourself one. That is when you begin recognizing and appreciating the work of your barber.

Giving yourself a haircut is neither the easiest nor the most difficult thing around. However, it can be your worst nightmare if you rush things without considering a few things first. In life, you can hardly be a pro in everything. If this is not your field, but you have an interest in it, you are in the right place to learn the basics.

Keep reading to learn how to give yourself a proper haircut.

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Do Your Homework

Just like anything else in life, giving yourself a haircut doesn’t happen out of nowhere. It involves a series of steps, and the most critical aspect of it is doing some research. By doing some research, you will prepare yourself for whatever is to come.

Observing your local barber is never enough, bearing in mind that this is a do-it-yourself (DIY) activity. However, you can pick up some basics from them. Additionally, it is upon you to make good use of the Internet and learn all the dos and don’ts.

All over the Internet, there are videos and pictures of how the process is done. It is upon you to pay attention to the steps demonstrated in these videos. Learn the basics and repeat after them, even though you may not be ready to give yourself your first haircut.

The research sessions will also play a crucial role in the identification of the tools needed. Be keen on those specifications and look for them online. However, be cautious to avoid landing on scams.

Choose the Appropriate Tools

Not everything that you see in your local barbershop will be needed when doing your haircut. Just like in the first case, make good use of the Internet and identify all that is required. Topping the list is a mirror. In as much as people will ignore it, I can assure you that everything will become a huge mess if you ignore the mirror.

The mirror may not be a man’s best friend, but in this case, there is no choice. If you cannot afford to have it big enough and fixed on the wall, then go for the handled one.

Apart from the mirror, you will need to prepare your hair. Preparation, in this case, means combing your hair for smooth and uniform trimming. If you ignore this part, there is a high possibility that you will be left with a bumpy and uneven haircut.

A pair of scissors is another must-have tool in the house. Sometimes, your hair might be too thick for any other device to be effective, thus the need for a pair of scissors. The good thing about them is that they come cheaply, making them affordable to all.

At the tail end and the most important of all is the hair clipper. This specialized equipment is used to trim your hair to the desired length. For this one, you will have to spend big to be sure that it is of the highest quality.

A razor blade will as well be a vital acquisition for your haircut. They help you when dealing with the hair that grows towards your face. However, be keen with how you hold the razor or else you may get injured.

Rely on the Internet to identify reliable brands and what they have to offer. Make good use of those customer reviews as they are direct feedback from the customers. Take some time and familiarize yourself with the product before taking it home. If possible, purchase two in case one gets faulty.

Pick the Right Products

Donning that perfect haircut does not come on a silver plate. Instead, there is a whole hustle behind it. One of the crucial areas is the products you use before, during, and after the haircut. At the beginning stage, you will need some shampoo to clean your hair. You can’t expect to get a good haircut when you have dirty hair.

If anything, the dirt will create additional layers on your skin, which makes it difficult to cut your hair effectively. At the same time, the tools you use should be disinfected using the recommended chemicals.

Always buy these chemicals in small quantities to avoid the scenario where they exceed their shelf life. Have products to disinfect your skin after the haircut. Without this, there is a high probability that you will have to deal with the problem of skin conditions, among other infections.

Apart from the disinfectants, there are other products that should never be missed on your list. The stigma that comes with weird hair growth means that you should look into using hair growth products. The best thing about them is that they are approved by the relevant authorities.

Have a Reasonable Working Area

A haircut is more than just the tools and the products. You will also need a spacious room to carry out these activities. The room should have mirrors fixed on the wall with proper lighting. This is the only approach to be sure of what you are doing.

At the same time, the working area should have a consistent flow of water. There will be a lot of cleaning before and after. The working area should also be secluded such that pets and children have no access to it.

The hair mending operations should also not be done anywhere near the drainage system for the simple reason that the cut hairs can easily block the system. The combination of an excellent working area, the right products, and tools are all it takes to give yourself a haircut.

Giving yourself a haircut is among the many DIY activities that will help you to maintain certain levels of hygiene and good looks. However, do not rush into it if you don’t know what it takes. Take your time and learn the basics before venturing into it. If you find it difficult, stick to your local barber and keep learning.