The cycle of life and death is as old as existence itself, but that does not make things any simpler when someone in the family passes away. Even when we are aware of an impending death, that knowledge alone is seldom enough to help us prepare for the actual incident and everything that follows. By the time you are done reading this post though, you might just be a little better prepared to face the practical aspects of a passing than you are now.

Getting the Pronouncement of Death

If the individual passes away in a registered medical facility (hospital, hospice, nursing home, etc.) of any kind, the facility will be in charge of confirming and pronouncing death. However, if the deceased is in a residence, a licensed medical practitioner or a corner must be called to do the same.


Calling 911, or your local Texas emergency helpline immediately upon suspicion of death is highly recommended. Never assume someone is gone; always call the emergency services and let the professionals do what they must before confirming the death. If the deceased is a registered organ donor, then their surviving family members should indicate that fact to the medical personnel immediately after the declaration of death.

Settling the Estate

Call up the deceased’s attorney to inform him/her about the passing. Hopefully, they were left with clear instructions on how to proceed with settling the deceased’s financial affairs. If a lawyer was not tasked with settling the estate on their behalf, you may need to hire one yourself. In that case, you will need to look for the will, the ownership documents, the estate planning documents, etc. later.

Calling the Funeral Home

The deceased may have already preplanned his/her funeral arrangements with a funeral home of their choice. They might have also prepared special burial or cremation instructions and left them with their lawyer. If no such arrangements were made, just call up a funeral home near your location in Texas.

They will guide you on how to proceed with the arrangements. Those in need of a cremation service Arlington TX can contact a service like Simple Cremation for making affordable andhassle-free funeral arrangements. They will also register the passing and acquire the death certificate on your behalf.


Calling Family and Friends

Informing family and friends can be emotionally taxing, so call the people closest to you and the deceased first. Then delegate the act of informing others to them, when appropriate. Don’t hesitate to seek help from friends and family at this time of bereavement. It is never a good idea to be alone after a death in the family, even if you were emotionally prepared for it.

If there are children in the house without any adult left to take care of them, family members must take them in for now. More long-term arrangements can be made later on. Also, check for pets or any signs of there being one. If the deceased did have a pet, it must be located, fed, and taken care of until more permanent arrangements are made.