It’s not unfair to say that dads and domestic duties have never been the best of bedfellows. Huge progress has been made over the years, but dads still have a habit of taking a backseat where most everyday chores are concerned.

Where dads do make the effort to do their bit, it’s often limited to the same few standards. They might learn to unclog a sink and deal with the occasional blockage or reach for the toolbox when a spot of DIY is needed. They may even (upon request) remove urine stains from a toilet seat which they themselves are most likely responsible for!

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Nevertheless, these aren’t the kinds of jobs that tend to earn dads the biggest brownie points at home. It’s actually a case of the subtler domestic duties adding up to the biggest difference of all, gradually building towards a state of domestic bliss.

Here’s how dads can and should help out around the home, according to their spouses:

1. Get More Involved in the Kitchen

It’s often the case that households simply fall into the habit of one person doing most (or all) of the cooking. Even if the person in question doesn’t mind spending their time in the kitchen, getting involved and lightening the load for them really can make a big difference. Especially when it comes to cleaning up after dinner, which is never as enjoyable as cooking it in the first place.

2. Handle the Bedtime Routine

While there are exceptions, it’s usually the mom who covers most of the kids’ bedtime routine. Reading stories, brushing teeth, bathing and so on – one of the more pleasant domestic duties, but one that dads don’t always get involved in.  Jobs like these should be a pleasure and can be made so much easier by sharing the workload.

3. Clean as You Go

The easiest way to clean and tidy home is to prevent it from falling into a state of disrepair in the first place. Getting into the habit of cleaning as you go isn’t as easy as it sounds, but really can make a huge difference. It’s simply a case of picking up after yourself on a continuous basis and dealing with minor messes as and when they occur.

4. Ask What Needs Doing

Ask most busy moms and they’ll tell you that the best way of making yourself useful is to simply ask them what needs doing. It really isn’t rocket science – you just ask them how you can help when you have a bit of spare time on your hands and get the job done. This is also a great way of earning brownie points, as it shows you’re genuinely interested in doing something useful.

5. Switch Things Around

Chances are, there are plenty of chores around the home that each parent considers to be ‘their’ job. It’s one parent’s job to wash the car and tidy the living room, while the other takes care of the cooking and ironing, for example. However the split works in your house, why not try switching things around for a while?  A break from the norm and a simple change of scenery can make even the dullest domestic duties slightly less boring. And using the proper cleaning tools and appliances such as Kitchen Home steam generator iron will make your job much easier and quicker.

6. Do Something, Rather Than Nothing

Last but not least, there will never (ever) come a time when there is genuinely nothing to do at home. Irrespective of how immaculate the place may look, there is always something you can do to help. DIY jobs you’ve been putting off, decluttering the attic, tackling a basement clear-out, or even just a grand gesture in the kitchen – all fantastic ways of helping out and earning yourself some serious credit in the process.