Luxury male grooming brand, ZOUSZ unveils its new, classy look and sophisticated product range to the UK market, making it easier than ever to grow and maintain a beard.

ZOUSZ works on the philosophy that an exceptional grooming routine forms the foundation upon which you build your much-loved beard. It believes a beard is more than just facial fashion; it is a statement of personal style.

But don’t be fooled; if you want classy facial hair it requires proper handling, patience and the perfect grooming product.trimmer

According to founder, Zohaib Ahmad, “ZOUSZ was created as there were very few products available which were high quality and undeniably masculine. We have created an empowering product range for the discerning beards-man who wants to make a statement.

Using ZOUSZ will awaken our customers’ senses and leave the skin feeling nourished and hydrated, as well as smelling very manly!”

The Range Includes

Beard Oil

Luxury Black Oud Beard Oil (50mL/30mL)

With a distinctly masculine scent, this beard oil contains natural avocado, argan, macadamia oils and is a non-greasy facial hair softener designed to hydrate hair and skin, making it more healthy, more resistant and less likely to succumb to irritations.

Luxury Black Oud Beard Balm (Beeswax/Vegan)

With a classic wood-scent to awaken the senses and enriched with natural avocado, argan and macadamia oils, this balm is ideal for taming stray hairs and keeping beard and skin healthy with a smooth finish.trimmer

Luxury Black Oud Men’s Eau De Parfum (100mL)

The finest Black Oud there is: a magical ingredient sourced from the Aquilaria trees of South East Asia that’s otherwise known as ‘liquid gold’.

Explaining more about the range, Zohaib says;

“We’ve worked hard to create a high quality, luxurious and sophisticated range with something to suit all beard types; our balm helps soften, condition and shine, while our highly nutritious oil helps prevent dandruff and beard flakes, leaving a soft touch. Our new unique formulations are the perfect mix of exotic hues and distinctive tones, resulting in finesse and poise to give our customers confidence, distinction and a magical, magnetic quality!”

ZOUSZ uses natural, organic and aromatic ingredients and avoids all synthetic products while remaining animal cruelty free; now offering vegan based products. Adhering to the brand principle for enjoying the finer things in life, attention to detail isn’t over-looked with each product individually wrapped in a minimalistic yet chic look. The result is luxury without elitism.

So whether you are sporting short stubble or a longer, tailored length, ZOUSZ knows there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to facial hair, and offers beard lovers a solution to grow and maintain facial hair while managing the challenges that come with it.


ZOUSZ is 100% unique, 100% pure and 100% sustainable. Founded in 2017 by Zohaib Ahmad who wanted to provide a high end, luxury male grooming product range.

ZOUSZ has been designed to lead the world in men’s luxury grooming products and encapsulates the style and spirit of the discerning bearded gentleman and especially appeals to those who wish to make a statement – and leave a lasting impression.

ZOUSZ was created out of a desire to create highly luxurious and deeply masculine grooming products that stand out because of the way they’re made, the way they’re presented and the way they make you feel.

Using nothing but the best of ingredients it has carved out a grooming range that champions both style and nourishment for the urban beards-man.