Do you want to bring home a cute French Bulldog? These pooches are simply irresistible with their cute wrinkles, short noses, ear mites, unique bat ears, and friendly personalities. Whether you stay alone or with family members, these dogs can be your perfect companion. In case you watched those adorable videos of this breed of dogs playing with kids, you have more reason to get them.

Owing to the unique body build of a french bulldog care involves investing time and effort. Browse this article, and you will know how to look after these dogs. It will also give you a clear idea about what to expect when welcoming the newest member to your family.

Don’t expose the dog to extreme heat

Frenchies get exhausted in extreme heat because their flat, small noses do not allow large quantities of air to cool their bodies. This is an issue that also, unfortunately, hinders English Bulldogs too, explained more here. That is why it is better to pamper them indoors in an air-conditioned room or one with proper airflow during the scorching summers.

Check your pet’s water bowl every day to ensure it has enough water to drink, as dehydration is the biggest enemy of any animal during summer. If your Frenchie seems weaker or drools more than usual, sprinkle some cold water on his body. It will help balance his body temperature.

Clean the face and folds of the body

The skin folds of the French Bulldogs are the most distinctive features of their bodies. These areas are favorable for the growth of bacteria, leading to skin infections. Therefore, make sure not to ignore these hidden areas when bathing and grooming your pets.

Take alcohol-free wet wipes or a piece of damp cloth to clean the dog’s folds regularly. Weekly cleaning is good, but if your dog is into outdoor games or if you take it out for a walk every day, remember to clean after reaching home. Otherwise, built-up dirt can cause contact allergies.

That said, you should not give a miss to the weekly bath as cleaning folds is not an alternative to regular showers. Use your trusted dog shampoo to soak your pooch in freshwater and notice how happy they feel post-bath.

After showering him, carefully dry all his folds and see that moisture does not stay back anywhere. You may put cornstarch in the dog’s fold to absorb excess body oils and humidity.


Adhere to a healthy dietary routine

As Frenchies are prone to put on weight quickly, you should keep your dog on a healthy diet and moderate exercise. Rather than relying on dried foods, serve lots of raw food, having adequate protein and calories. As the dogs tend to grow obese, space the treats over long periods and avoid high-fat content. Make sure to include a proper balance of packaged and fresh raw pet food for a healthy growth.

Don’t forget to have fun

Frenchies love to play fetch. Choose soft and lightweight throw toys that they can pick up conveniently. They also appreciate teethers, tug toys, and chewers.

Friendly, playful, and sweet-natured, these dogs can adapt to different types of lifestyles. No wonder they are popular among families with small yards or those living in apartments. Therefore, to maintain the health and life of a French Bulldog, your care, love and nurturing is the only solution.