Dogs have different dietary needs than other pets in your home. Their teeth structure and intestinal tract show they are more adapted to an omnivorous diet, including plant and animal foods.

There are nutritional requirements of pets and for that one must get quality products like kitten milk from reputed suppliers.

Today you don’t need to visit dog food stores or specialty food markets to get pet foods; you can order them online. Here are the five best kinds of dog foods you can order online.

1. Yoghurt

Plain Greek-style dog yoghurt is a good source of protein, probiotics and calcium that helps in boosting a dog’s immune system. The fresh Greek yoghurt is fermented with live cultures and has a perfect amount of tang that your pet will enjoy. It is available in easy-to-feed squeeze packs. You can feed your puppy some yoghurt if it has an upset stomach.


2. Complete Beef

The complete beef formulation is right for growing puppies, especially large dog breeds. It has the right combination of organ meat and bone content. The organ meat is made from the kidney, spleen or beef liver.

Organ meat is important for carnivores as it has nutrition density and high bioavailability. You can supplement the complete beef meal with dog yoghurt or sardines for a probiotic and calcium boost.

3. Roo Complete

Kangaroo meat is considered ideal for dogs for various reasons. It is a good protein source and the leanest red meat protein available. The Roo complete is high-grade muscle meat with ground bone.

The recipe of the Roo complete takes care of the dog’s sensitivities to saturated fat and traditional meat varieties. The Roo mix is lean and low-allergenic.

If your dog has a digestive issue, has sensitive or itchy skin, or is overweight, you can give it the Roo complete mix. This mix is packed with essential minerals, vitamins and amino acids.

It is packed in airtight containers and vacuum sealed. One good thing is it does not contain any preservatives that can be detrimental to your puppy’s health.

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4. Whole Fresh Sardines

Fish is an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids essential for healthy skin and coat. The omega-3 fatty acid in fish is also an important natural anti-inflammatory component in a dog’s diet. Fish can be a good diet addition for dogs who suffer from joint diseases like arthritis and bowel inflammatory disease.

The whole sardine can be given to dogs and puppies too. Sardine is also a goodsource of Phosphorus, Calcium, Vitamin B3, Selenium, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D. You can add whole fresh sardines to raw and fresh base recipes.

5. Bone Broth

Bone broth is good for dogs with sore joints, unhealthy hair coats and digestive issues. The nutrients in bone broth can help with gut and digestive health and improve immune system function. You can buy varieties of bone broths like chicken, beef and lamb bone broth. These bone broths can be a good nutritious addition to make your dog’s diet balanced and complete.

There are different ways to give bone broth to your dog. For example, you can pour it over your dog’s meal or serve it as an afternoon snack. Your dog will love the bone broth no matter how you give it.

These are the five best kinds of dog foods you can order online. Just ensure you are purchasing from a reputed online store that has earned the trust of pet lovers.