It is universally agreed in the pet world that moggies are arguably one of the neatest pet animals due to their self-grooming habits. They self-bathe themselves with regular licking of body parts and places they can comfortably get to. However, this should not be all the grooming they should get. Their self-grooming habits can only do so much. It falls on you as cat owners to supplement your cats’ self-grooming efforts with basic cat hygiene.

Let’s get to it!

4 ways to maintain basic cat hygiene

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1.Odour-controlling litter

The great thing about cats is they rarely need to be potty trained to have the right potty habits indoors. They naturally know to use the litter, and so getting a hypoallergenic (for those prone to allergies) and odour-free litter helps control the potty habits of your felines and keep your house clean and free of the acrid dour of cat waste.

To go with the litter should be a litter box or tray (that should be regularly emptied and cleaned), as keeping litter scattered on the floors of your house is unhygienic and will promote untidiness in your home. You can have a look a the mellowed cats website for quality cat litter.

2.Regular brushing

Brushing your cat’s fur coat is essential to keep it straight and neat and get rid of dead fur. Doing the opposite will only leave your cats with painfully matted fur that will have them looking untidy and unkempt. The effect of not combing and brushing also brings discomfort for your cat and can promote cat odour.

Experts suggest you brush cats with long fur more often than those with shorter furs, as they are prone to easily acquiring tangled and matted hair.

3.Bathe times

Bathing your kitties should depend on how often they self-groom. If your cats are often indoors and groom themselves multiple times daily, then you might limit bath sessions to every other day.

However, give your cats a bath whenever they are oily to the touch, soiled, or develop odours and spend so much time outdoors, irrespective of if they self-groom regularly. Use a gentle and mild shampoo safe for cats, and the same should be sparsely applied when washing their faces.

4.Food hygiene

What your cats feed on also contributes to their overall hygiene and health. While cats are generally carnivores, home cats may become sick from raw meat and thus have to be up to date on their proteins from properly cooked meat.

Beyond this, however, your cats’ food and water bowls should be regularly and properly washed and the water bowl filled at all times.


Committing to maintaining a good cat hygiene routine can be stressful and make you easily overwhelmed. To address this, make grooming less stressful and fun for your cats; give your kitties their favourite treats after bath time or grooming session to enable them to ease into grooming activities without stress and also enjoy the same.

This way, even the most veracious breeds will become excited for bath times and the like. How else do you observe basic cat hygiene?