Do you ever wonder why some dogs are more approachable and friendlier than others? This might stem from the particular breed of dog and the intricacies of social interaction embedded in their DNA. But oftentimes, even the calmest of breeds might become feral from poor socialisation, and the most aggressive breeds tend to be socially adjusted from proper socialisation.

But does it matter? You might ask.

Yes, it does!

Here are five reasons why you should properly socialise your pooch:

5 Benefits of Socialising Your Dogs

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  1. It helps your pets get acquainted with other humans and other dogs

Introducing your pups to interactions with people other than you and also other dogs (like them) helps them know how to behave and react. It shapes their mannerisms and teaches them to feel less threatened when approached by other people except, of course, they sense danger. Being with other dogs also teaches them how to behave in a pack and they learn one or two about the social skills of dogs.

  1. It increases their confidence

A well-socialised canine is less likely to be intimidated by humans, turn a stray (or a runaway), or cower in fear at other dogs and breeds. It teaches them to assess their situations and know the proper response to such situations – either go full defensive or relax. In essence, your dogs will know when to be aggressive and when to be calm and friendly just from external stimuli.

  1. It relieves their stress and anxiety

Stress and anxiety can make your dogs exhibit feral behaviours stemming from fear and aggression, which may be characterised by excessive and unnecessary barking, withdrawal when with other dogs and other people, constant aggression, and other abnormal traits. But regular visits to the dog park, a walk on the street, – while being secured with a personalised dog harness from Pamper Paws instead of a choking leash that makes them uncomfortable – dog daycares, and other modes of social interactions will help them let off steam and relieves them of anxiety.

  1. It makes them easier to groom

Grooming sessions will become less of a battle where your dogs are well-socialised and well-adjusted to interactions from outsiders. The only caveat will be to exercise patience and reward with treats for good behaviours.

  1. It teaches them to adapt to new social conditions

A change in environment, probably from moving homes or cities, visits to the Vet, or introduction to a third-party dog sitter or walker may be difficult for your dear pooch when it is under-socialised. But with proper socialisation, your pets are empowered to navigate changes and adapt to new social conditions.

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Proper dog socialisation is essential for dog care. It is ideal to begin the socialisation process when your dogs are just pups to enable a growth process that largely recognizes public interaction and socialisation as normal when they become adult dogs and also to include a wide range of people, places and objects in socialisation.

How do you ensure your mutts are well-adjusted and grow to be friendly pets?