Wet vs Dry Food: What should you Feed your Puppy?

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It’s a conundrum that faces many new dog owners. Both wet and dry dog food seem to be popular, so does it make a difference which one you feed to your pup? The truth is there are advantages and disadvantages to both so you’ll need to determine which is most suitable for your animal. We’ve put together a guide to help you understand what’s best.

Advantages of dry food

One of the main plus points of dry kibble is that it helps keep your dog’s teeth healthy by scraping off plaque and tartar. It also gives them a form of stress relief, because crunching things with their teeth helps them to feel calm.

Dry food is cheaper than wet food, as the lower water content means you get more nutrients for your buck. And it’s also more convenient because it doesn’t need to be refrigerated once opened, so can be left in the bowl for your pooch to eat whenever it likes, and even hidden in toys to give it a fun challenge when you’re out the house.


Advantages of wet food

The high protein and fat content of wet food makes it more palatable to dogs, which is important if your four-legged friend is a fussy eater. If your pup tends not to drink enough, then the high water content in wet food can also help with hydration.

There are a good number of dogs that have trouble chewing, either because they don’t have many teeth or their jaws are misaligned, so the softness of wet food can help them. It can also come to the aid of a pup that’s prone to eating too much because the high water content makes them feel full.


Talk to your vet

If you’re worried, or just confused about the type of food that’s right for your pup, your vet will be able to guide you in the right direction. You might find your pawed pal is getting a little fat or lacking the zest you they normally have. Their diet may well be part of the reason, so if you think something’s not quite right, your vet can check your dog’s weight and overall health.

You want your dog to enjoy their food as much as you enjoy yours, so it’s important to tailor their diet to their individual needs. You might even find a mixture of wet and dry dog food does the trick and gives them the best of both worlds.