If you are still not sure whether you qualify for a Polish citizenship application, there are a few quick ways to prove your roots. If your ancestors were born in Poland or its former territories and resided there till 1920, there is a huge chance they were Polish citizens. It means you can apply for Polish citizenship and get a Polish passport. That’s why we have decided to prepare a short list of the main benefits that come along with having a new passport.

Eligibility for a Polish passport


As you may probably know, the process of Polish citizenship confirmation usually takes around four to six months. Depending on individual situation it can take a bit longer if additional documents or evidence are required to prove your Polish ancestry. After the process has been successfully completed, you will be able to enjoy all those benefits related to becoming a Polish citizen.

Before you decide to move to Poland, study at any university for free or travel around Europe, you must fulfil several conditions that will make you a fully-fledged Polish and also a European citizen. What do we mean? First, after receiving a positive decision confirming your Polish citizenship, you should apply for a Polish passport. The process will take less time than citizenship confirmation for sure. So do not worry at all! You just need to complete the needed documentation and attend the nearest Consulate General of the Republic of Poland. There is no way to get a Polish passport remotely. New passports are biometric and that means you need to leave your fingerprints. That’s all! The main question is ‘What are the benefits of a Polish passport?’.

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Benefits of Polish passport

Once your citizenship is confirmed, the certificate and Polish vital records will be issued soon. Is that all? No! Now it is your turn to lodge a motion for your new passport and wait until it is done. Before you apply, check the main benefits of having a Polish passport. Here they are!

Travel freely within Europe and not only

Being a Polish citizen makes you a European citizen too. It means you can travel around Europe without any visa restrictions, border controls, or special gates. Seems great! Traveling with a Polish passport will make the whole process quick and less complicated.

Live wherever you would like to

Would you like to move to Poland or France? We leave the choice up to you! What’s important, a new passport lets you live anywhere you want without any limits.

Study for free at many universities

Make your dreams come true and choose the public university you have always dreamed about. With a Polish passport, you can study for free at many universities in EU countries. If it comes to private universities, you will get a chance to reduce the fee.

Work anywhere you want in Europe

Who said a Polish passport only allows you to study or travel? No way! You can also work in EU countries. They are open for you! Before you apply for a new job check the requirements for the ones holding different citizenship. Do not forget about the main benefit. With a Polish passport, you can also run a business.

That’s not all! Dual citizenship gives you more benefits than you could ever think about. You can use whichever passport you find more convenient at any time. If it comes to your family members they get equal rights too even though they do not hold Polish citizenship. Once you become a Polish and EU citizen, you can also pass your new citizenship to your future kids via the right of blood. Enjoy all these benefits and check how amazing it is to call yourself a Polish citizen.