Let’s face it, your hair is more into you than you are to it. Hoosh is the perfect frock block, rescuing you from the unwanted relationship your hair is pursuing! So why not use a hair removal cream?

Hoosh is a vegan men’s grooming brand founded in the pandemic by Bea Barter. It launched its first product – a hair removal cream – in October 2021 and plans to add new products to the range in 2023. Featuring all natural, vegan products and fun and bold designed to display packaging, Hoosh stands for body-positivity.

hair removal creamHoosh is an all natural, all inclusive hair removal solution. We bless silky smooth legs, arms, chests and backs to anyone who asks us to join them in the shower.

Tired of sore, itchy skin after trying to remove unwanted hair? Shaving can quite literally be a real pain. Yet finding an alternative hair removal method can take a lot of trial and error. Waxing can be time-consuming and painful. Electrolysis, and laser hair removal can offer long-lasting results but come with a hefty price tag to match.

If hair-free silky-smooth skin is your thing then look no further than Hoosh’s Vegan Hair Removal Cream. This brand-new hassle free, easy to use hair removal cream designed especially for men can be used all over arms, legs and chest to remove unwanted hairs in a matter of minutes.

hair removal cream

Say goodbye to the irritation of razor burn and the sting of waxing with Hoosh’s hair removal cream that promises to be pain free, hassle free, and fuss free.

The soothing addition of Provitamin B5 and witch hazel water creates a cooling experience that will leave you wondering ‘why didn’t I Hoosh sooner?!’

Hoosh is powered by inclusivity. Hoosh believe hair removal is gender fluid, with everyone deserving to feel good in their skin. Hoosh stand for body positivity, self love and self care, and the belief that self confidence can inspire a positive mindset.

Hoosh believes in the power of you. Customer centred approach has produced hair removal solutions that are soothing, effective and smell incredible (We know! Hair removal that smells good, can you believe it?!) Hoosh want to raise awareness for the power of self care. Self care is ultimately health care, right?

Hoosh’s hair removal cream is natural. It has been formulated using Aloe Vera, Chamomile Oil, Neroli, Hamamelis Virginiana Water, Coconut Oil, Provitamin B5 and Witch Hazel Water. With a simple application process and results in just three minutes, you’ll wonder why you haven’t tried Hoosh sooner.

Let’s talk about Neroli. This incredible ingredient, sourced from the blossoms on bitter orange trees, is what allows Hoosh to stand out from the crowd. No distinctive, unpleasant smells to be found here!

To use simply apply a generous amount of Hoosh’s In Shower Hair Removal cream to dry skin/hair. Make sure that you apply a thick enough layer to cover all the hair that you wish to remove. After 3 minutes, check if the hairs come away easily. If not, leave the cream on until you reach 6 minutes. Remove in a circular motion with a washcloth or loofah for best results. Available to buy at Hoosh online and Amazon. Hoosh is offering 10% off orders made via the Hoosh website by using PUBLICATIONNAME10PLEASE.

Why suffer the sting of waxing or the bite of a razor when hair removal cream can only be described as gentle, effective and soothing?