Shoes represent your personality and choice. Women tend to buy shoes matching in color, style, or design with their outfits. The same goes true for the men however they buy a few pairs of shoes that can be matched or contrasted with various trousers and pants.

Our selection and condition of shoes represent how much we are careful about it that’s why we tend to buy men shoes online in Pakistan to keep up with the latest trends. Once, they complete a useful life, you need to place them with the new ones.

However, we often ignore their condition and keep wearing them for a longer period which is not acceptable at parties and gatherings. People are often ignorant of the various signs to replace them soon. This post brings those signs to the limelight.

7 Signs You Must Replace Your Shoes

We tend to buy new shoes on special occasions. It can be Eid, the arrival of the winter season, promotion to a new class or school, New Year, or preparing for a wedding ceremony of our beloved relative. We prefer to buy from famous online brands like Oxygen Shoes Pakistan in our defined routine. However, some signs tell you to replace shoes earlier than you planned purchases. Let’s find the below in this post.

  1. Worn out shoes

Well, it is an obvious reason to replace the shoes when these are worn out. However, you must recognize the condition of worn-out shoes. Most of the formal shoes are hard to wear in official gatherings, but you can continue wearing them while going out shopping or hanging out with friends.

The wear and tear of shoes also depend on your lifestyle. If your daily commute to the office requires more walking and physical activity, then it may be worn out sooner than an executive who drives in his or her car and stays in the office all day long.

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  1. Injury or soreness in feet

An injury in the feet is a sign to quickly replace shoes with a better brand that is more comfortable and healthy. The design and style of the shoes may also be the cause of your foot injuries. The shoe straps and heals are sometimes sharp and uneven that may injure the heel bridge.

Shoes with high heels may result in soreness of toes as the sole may put pressure on them. try to replace such shoes soon if these are continuously hurting your legs.

  1. Bad smell

Poor quality shoes are made of cheap materials such as rubber, plastic, and low-grade leather. They tend to leave a bad smell in your socks and feet even if you wear them for an hour.

If you ignore it, such shoes may put you into an awkward and embarrassing situation if you need to take them off at a gathering. The bad smell may promote your unhygienic image among the party members. So, it is better to replace your poor quality shoes with the best-stitched ones.

  1. Leakage soles

Shoes are meant for the protection of your feet. If the same shoes are not protecting from the rainwater or any other wet areas where you walk, there is the entire purpose of wearing it spoiled.

The soles start to leak with time. You should notice it while cleaning and polishing it to avoid getting your socks wet in rainy seasons when you need protection the most.

  1. Too fit to wear

Your shoes must fit your feet. Most of the time you receive shoes as a gift which are not of a perfect size. You try it for the first time and it seems to be fine that’s why you never exchange it. However, when you start wearing it regularly and come to know these are not comfortable. You are not easy with them wearing to the office and shopping malls. These are now used and the retailers would not accept them. Keep wearing them is not a choice. Sell them on a classified website and go here get a new pair of shoes. The shoe size matters for kids as well, if you bought kids shoes online so must consider sizes and make sure they are not too fit to wear.

  1. Too loose to walk properly

The time you buy a new pair of shoes, they are good to go with your feet size. However, with regular use, it loosens up which is normal. For example, shoe size 8 is tight and you go for the size 9 as it is a bit comfortable while trying at the footwear shop. You start wearing them for a few weeks and finds that these are too loose to even walk and maintain balance while climbing up the stairs. In such is a case you must replace your shoes before it is too late.

  1. Reasonable useful life

Shoes have a useful life. You may need to replace them after a certain period of time even if they are not worn out enough to be thrown out of your house. Shoes come with a style and design that stays in fashion trend for a year or two.

If you are wearing it more than that, people may start judging you as a penny-pincher. Wearing a pair of old-fashioned shoes is also a clear indication that you need fresh ones that are designed with the recent trends.

Stay confident and bold by replacing the shoes you wear before getting embarrassed. The points I have discussed above may help you draw a fine line between the acceptable and unacceptable condition of shoes to wear.