Roommates are people with whom you share your home and a significant part of your day. Everyone has a type of roommate they want. Finding a good roommate can be a really tricky task. There are chances that one wrong decision could ruin the whole experience of sharing your space with someone. While you search for a good roommate finder, make sure you know what you are looking for in a suitable roommate. You might not end up with the roommate of your imagination but looking for one is worth a try.

Do make sure that you mention your preferences in a listing to avoid reading a ton of applications.

To help you, we came up with a few types of roommates you need in your life now.

The Personal Therapist

A dream come true! Imagine having someone to talk and share your problem who would give you genuine solutions.

This kind of roommate is generally practical in life and values others’ problems as their own. They would always make things simpler and would avoid being awkward.

You can cry yourself out to them without them mentioning it in any conversation.They would help you find your way out of toxic friendships and relationships. You would enjoy talk sessions with them as they would heal you in the process. They won’t charge you for hours either.

The Party Animal


Are you a party animal? Use a roommate finder app to find another soul to vibe with.

What’s better than a roommate with loads of friends, bringing them around often?

Having a social butterfly as a roommate is a win-win for all. They can bring around their friends. You get to socialize and have fun. They would be the stop solution for a boring day. They can turn around dull days into the days you would never forget. They are carefree but are also considerate of your space.

They probably have the best tricks to cure a hangover and would always have your back. You can share your wardrobe and party till you drop. They would take you along to adventures that you will remember for the rest of your life.

TIP: They won’t be as pleasing if you are an introvert. Haha, no worries! They won’t pull you to the parties either.

The Book Lover


Activate your roommate finder mode to get yourself a roommate who loves the smell of books as much as you do.

They are calm, composed, and generally introverts. These are the best kind of roommates, minding their own business.

They treat reading as their idea of meditation and would suggest you the best books. You might even see their book collection that is indeed pleasing to the eyes. Book lovers are not geeks and also they come up with the most sensible advice. As they are well-read, they might share amazing facts and stories with you.

You would always spot them with a book and a mug of coffee in a quiet corner of the house. They have a positive vibe.

You would surely enjoy their company and may adopt their reading habits as well.

The Clean Freak

What about having the house clean and dishes done before you could even think of doing them?

They are more like your mother at times but, having them around you is necessary on some days. They have a sporty vibe and they would pull you out of bed on lazy days. The pros and cons of having them around are almost equal. The fact that their vibe is sporty and they are always active motivates you as well.

They are generally good at the taking care business and would have your back on the sick days, just like your mom.

They can be annoying and bossy at times. They might clean your house without your permission.

To sum up, they are Monica from the TV Show Friends. Pretty cool, right?

The Perfect One

men bedroom

Imagine you find a roommate just like you wished?

You both have the same interests, hobbies, likes, and dislikes. They strangely complete you. You both play the same sport, support the same teams, and even like the same kind of food. They are like your soulmate, someone who understands you so well. They have your back all the time. They even save you from traps and toxic people. They are often like the best friend from high school whom your mother likes.

We all look for such roommates but finding them is tricky and almost impossible.

Looking for roommates is a tough job. Done right, you can get the perfect roommate. You can filter out and put constraints while looking for a roommate. However, always keep a few things in mind while looking for a roommate.

● Use a trusted platform
● Interview the potential tenants and cross out all the questions
● To find the perfect roommate, you might have to reject some applications and interview a few of them
It’s absolutely okay, even if you fail to find the perfect roommate despite all the effort. The search should go on. Roommate Finder Mode Activated!!!