Found a silver hair or three? Don’t panic. Although the root cause of gray hair lies in your genes, you can make some lifestyle adjustments to save your vibrant color for as long as you can. So follow the tips we’ve rounded up for you below and remember that if you don’t want your locks to turn silver, you always have the choice of bringing back your color with dye.

At, we cover the topic of premature gray prevention hair a lot, discussing the best blue shampoos for gray hair, handy tips for covering gray roots, as well as the most effective products for curly gray hair, etc. Feel free to join our discussions right away or just read below for our top 5 ways to prevent gray hair naturally.

1. Consume Enough Vitamins

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Vitamins (Vitamin D and B12 in particular) are vital in keeping your hair and skin in top-notch condition. Vitamin deficiency leads to hair loss (as well as the loss of your hair pigment melanin). As a result, you may turn prematurely gray or bald. If you’ve just realized that you’re not consuming enough vitamins, consider adding multivitamin supplements to your diet.

2. Give up Smoking

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Smoking causes premature gray hair, that’s a fact. So if you’re a smoker who’s worried about your strands going gray, it might be the best time for you to quit. Did you know that cigarette smoking also makes your tresses look prematurely damaged and lifeless? In addition to this, smoking often turns your skin gray. You get the message, so quit smoking today.

3. Stop Hair Loss

Focus on taking good care of your hair in order to stop it from falling out. That being said, damaged hair is more likely to fall out. When new tresses grow back in, they usually have less pigment compared to the lost strands. As a result, your crowning glory starts turning gray way too soon. In order to slow down this uninspiring process, find the best hair care routine for you and make the most of such natural hair remedies as amla, seaweed, hibiscus, etc.

4. Avoid Chronic Stress


There is, indeed, some truth in the well-known used-to-be old wives’ tale that your locks can lose color when you’re under a lot of stress. According to the latest scientific reports, stress and hair graying are linked a lot closer than it was believed before. Therefore, if you want to keep your gorgeous hair color alive for as long as possible, make sure you start eliminating chronic stress from your life.

5. Seek Protection from Environmental Pollution

Yep, environmental issues can take a major toll on your scalp and strands. However, you can prevent this from happening by following some important rules. First, opt for anti-pollution hair treatments. Second, avoid heavy hair care products, for they attract more pollutants to your locks. Third, be super gentle when brushing and styling your hair. And last but not least, make the most of moisturizing hair masks to prevent environmental aggressors from drying out your strands.