You may not be able to remodel a bathroom entirely on your own unless you are a real handyman or woman. However, there are several redecorating do it yourself home improvement projects that anyone can do.

DIYStep One: Choose a Theme

Scour through magazines and see what catches your eye. Is it a sea and sand theme or is it regal, rich colors? Is it a casual flip-flop theme or something classy with a French country motif? Regardless of how fabulous it looks in the magazine, set realistic expectations. Your guests won’t know what the actual inspiration page looked like, so borrow ideas but be willing to accept something less than perfect. Being able to do so will guarantee the success of many futures does it yourself home improvement projects.

Step Two: Choose Colors

After your theme is narrowed down, look at shade cards at your paint store and decide on which will go with the theme of your do it yourself home improvement project. If it is a bathroom for your seven-year-old daughter with a pretty princess theme, then pinks and purples may be the only way to go. However, if it’s your guest bathroom with a nautical theme, then you can choose between deep hues of blue, green and even touches of burgundy and gold.

Step Three: Choose a Paint Technique or Finish

You could always go with a flat coat of paint, but with so many easy techniques out there, it would be more fun and creative do it yourself home improvement project if you dabble around with stenciling, stippling or a rag finish. Depending on how artistically inclined you are, you could draw a border design freehand or take help from stencils and rub-on transfers from a craft store.

Step Four: Choose Small Fixtures and Accessories

Once you have the walls ready, you can update any bathroom yourself by installing a single handle faucet, changing the light fixtures or by just adding new toothbrush holders and soap dispensers. Look for framed art or other decorative elements you can put on the wall or candles you can have by your bathtub. Perhaps you find a new magazine rack if you’re a bathroom reader or a magnifying vanity mirror if you’re into beauty treatments.

Color coordinated new rugs and towels add the finishing touch and regardless of what accessories you choose, they can be the icing on the cake of your do it yourself home improvement project for which you can take all the credit. For an instance, shop towel from a reputed place that offers variety with quality like Mizu Towels. Upgrading to Mizu Towels ensures that you have the best quality and safest towels in your bathroom without compromising the quality.

It is advisable to put the important household things to storage units like self storage Fort Myersto avoid damages which you can get back after renovation done.