While the glue guns can bind a number of objects, they should be used carefully to avoid errors and accidents and to produce high-quality results while using the minimal possible amount of glue.

Handy Tips And Tricks For You Glue Gun Project

Hot melt glue guns offer immense benefits and can bind a wide range of materials including glass, metal, fabric, paper, wood, and others. There also deemed to be the best gluing option for the crafters. But it is very important to choose the right glue gun for a given project and to practice restraint and precautions during its use. Here are some handy tips and tricks for using a hot melt glue gun.

The Glue Gun Types

The glue gun types available today include the hot melt and low melt glue gun. Glue guns with dual or multiple temperature settings are also available. The low melt glue guns work at a lower temperature (between 150°F to 250°F) and are good for the craft and paper projects. If you are working on paper projects or the other thin and heat sensitive objects like craft foam, styrofoam, foils, ribbons and others, you should choose a medium-sized glue gun that can operate at a higher temperature. Hot melt glue guns operate at a temperature of 380°F or higher and are mostly used in the industrial and packaging jobs scenarios.  The full-sized high-temperature glue guns are even more durable.

Choose The Right Glue Sticks

Just like the glue guns, the glue sticks are also available in small, medium and large sizes. The glue sticks include the specialty glue (for bonding specific materials) and sticks that can work at dual temperatures. The glue stick should fit the gun (for instance the standard glue sticks will not fit in the mini glue guns). Visit https://www.hotmelt.com/collections/pur-hot-melt for a full range of industrial glue sticks.

Do Not Touch The Hot Areas Of The Glue Gun

Never touch the hot area of the glue guns (like the nozzle) when it is hot. As stated above, the temperature of glue guns may be beyond 380° F and may cause serious burns. Practice caution throughout your gluing process. While gluing, you should also keep some ice cubes/cold water close to you, so that in case an accident happens, you can put cold water or ice on the burnt areas of the skin.

Put The Glue Gun Close To The Object

The right way of using a glue gun is to keep it close to the object or surface you want to glue. This will help you place the glue on proper areas, and over-consumption of glue will also be avoided. You have put the tiny bit of glue. Then lay off the trigger and pull the tip sideways. By moving the tip, you would be able to cap the glue.

Use Only Hot Glue

You should only use hot melt glue as it provides for better binding. Therefore, you should have patience and should allow the glue to get hot enough before you actually apply it to any surface. Remember that the greater the temperature of the glue, the better results you will get.

Let the Glue Dry

Before moving further, see to it that the glue that has applied is fully dried. While the hot melt adhesives dry fast, they still take their own time before you can be assured of proper application.

Test When In Doubt

As said earlier, it is important to know what material you are trying to glue. There are different kinds of glue guns that are to be used for different and specific kinds of projects. If the material or the glue gun is entirely new to you, or if you have other kinds of doubts, you can test the glue gun and the material separately. For testing, you can also use the scraps and the inconspicuous spots.

Protect Your Fingers And Skin

It is recommended that you wear a full sleeve shirt and apparels while gluing so that the glue does not come into contact with skin. For protecting the fingers, you can use the silicone finger protectors that are available easily both online and offline. Remember to be attentive, vigilant, and careful while gluing.

A glue gun may take around 5 to 10 minutes to get heated. You can use the silicone mats or the Teflon crafting sheets to protect the work desks as well. Hot glue gun price in India is quite reasonable. Contact a leading supplier to make a reliable purchase.