Important On Tips How To Protect Yor Car During A Hailstorm

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Our vehicles are some of our most prized possession. We constantly try to keep our cars in perfect condition and pay top dollar for the best insurance policies. If you live in an area where hail or natural disasters are common, you know how important it is to protect your vehicle.

One example of such a place is Edmonton in the Canadian province of Alberta, where a couple of years back a hailstorm did damage worth a staggering 90 million dollars. So if you are living in an area where hail is a frequent occurrence, follow these steps to ensure that your car won’t sustain any damage due to a hailstorm.

What Size Hail Can Damage a Car?


There is no standard that defines the threshold for hail size or vehicle damage as there are too many variables to give a definitive answer. The size of the hail and its potential damage depends on wind direction and other factors such as the speed at which you are driving your vehicle. Hail damage can also be affected by some vehicle characteristics.

Minor damage could result from driving through a storm with hailstones the size of peas. Larger hailstones can cause major damage to your car. Depending on the direction of the hail, the vehicle’s forward speed could increase the chances of your vehicle being damaged.

Get a car hail cover

To not get caught off guard by a hailstorm, you always need to carry a hail blank in your vehicle. A hail blank is one of the best investments you can make to protect your vehicle during hail.

This cover, also called car hail protector, will minimize the chances of vehicle damage in harsh weather conditions. However, as soon as hail stops, make sure that you inspect your vehicle thoroughly. Even though you covered your car, damage can still be done to your windshield and paint job.

If you notice that your vehicle has sustained damage, it’s time for repairs. To get your vehicle back to top condition and on the road again in no time, consider working with locally based car repair shops. So, for example, if you are in the Edmonton area, the CSN Edmonton repair shop will cater to all your needs whether you need repairs sustained by a hailstorm or a collision with another vehicle.

Move your car

If you are able and you have space where you can store your vehicle safely, like a garage, then you are in luck. Most of the time, a hailstorm can be predicted, however, sometimes heavy rain can turn into a hailstorm which can damage your vehicle and your property.

Expanding on the topic of getting caught off guard by a hailstorm, if you get caught in a hailstorm unexpectedly, consider parking under a tree or look for areas that can provide a certain amount of cover to reduce damage.

Know the area well

Knowing how to navigate the area expertly will help you avoid hail damage to your car. Take note of all the garages in your area and area of commute and consider them as a safe spot if a hail storm hits.

Parking lots and private garages can protect your car in times of trouble.

Get the right insurance

Getting the right insurance in an area where hailstorms are a common occurrence is a good idea. If you reside in such an area, the best way to ensure that you don’t hemorrhage cash every time a hailstorm occurs is to get the best insurance money can buy.

Comprehensive insurance is the most suitable insurance to have in areas that get hit occasionally or regularly by hail. Damage and repair costs will be covered by your insurance policy and you will also have peace of mind.

If you want to find the insurance that will suit you best, consider talking to experts in the field. Brokers are easily found online and they can make the process of obtaining insurance seamless.

Winter Tires, All Myths To Debunk!

Final Thoughts

Hailstorsm are dangeorus. In areas where they occur occasionally or almost regularly, it’s important to take the right steps to remain safe and protect our vehicles.

Hail covers are an excellent solution to protect your vehicle from a hailstorm, however, make sure that you always inspect your vehicle after a hail storm occurred. Certain insurance claims must be made immediately after the damage is sustained otherwise, you might not get compensated.