Looking to replace your old commercial fridge and upgrade to a new one? It shouldn’t take too long to choose which one will suit your business’s needs. At least, it won’t be, as long as you follow the simple steps as you look for the best shop fridges for sale today. Here are important things to look into when you’re at it:

1. Capacity

This has to do with understanding exactly what you’ll use your commercial fridge for. A bar fridge for sale Brisbane suppliers have in store will need to meet your business’s requirements to ensure and maintain your overall productivity.

As the owner, you should be aware of what items will be stored in the fridge. Aside from calculating the floor space that your fridge will take, you should ensure that the unit will have enough cooler and freezer space to accommodate your products? Remember that overloading a small fridge may not efficiently preserve the quality of its content, not to mention that it decreases its average lifespan. On the other hand, having an overly huge fridge with extra interior space that you don’t need will just waste energy.

To get the most out of a new refrigeration unit, just stick to the right size.

2. Energy Efficiency

Being manufactured specifically for business purposes, the internal parts (along with several features) of a fridge for sale Sydney suppliers have today are a notch higher than home fridges. Their compressors, fan motors, and condenser coils, among other crucial components, are more powerful compared to that of residential refrigerators. This means that they also use up more energy.

Save Energy

Older models have been proven to be power-hungry, and their energy consumption will add to your expenditures to a great extent. Fortunately, newer variants have been improved so they’re able to work with lesser energy while still providing heavy-duty functions. To know how energy-efficient a fridge is, check its Energy Rating Label.

3. Climate Rating

Different types of shop fridges for sale have varying cooling capacities especially when it comes to commercial refrigerators. These climate class ratings are directly related to the temperature of the room they will be in.

“Ambient”, “Humid”, “Subtropical”, “Tropical”, “Subnormal”, “Universal”—these are just some of the many labels commercial refrigerators have to indicate climate ratings. You’ll have to do a bit of research regarding your business space and its average room temperature to match your fridge’s climate class rating with it. In this way, your fridge won’t be overworked to compensate for the unbalanced temperature around it, making it to last even longer.

4. Other Features


It’s recommended that shop fridges for sale have self-closing doors. Leaving refrigerator doors open by accident can lead to certain problems. For one, it will damage the unit’s cooling coils and compressors. Another issue is that food will spoil faster.

Design is also something you have to take into account. This is especially true when you are looking for upright freezers for sale Melbourne suppliers have to display in front of your customers. A good example is a fridge with glass doors that you would place next to your counter.

There you have it—you should be now ready to purchase your next fridge.

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