Shaving is a necessity for men so it should be a pleasant experience since it is done so often. A typical shave with a can of shaving cream and a disposable razor is not the most pleasant way to shave. Even if you take on some shaving tips to avoid razor burns and nicks, you can still go to the next level and make shaving a luxurious experience.

The art of the wet shave with a straight razor is a great way to add to the shaving experience. When you shave with a straight razor instead of a disposable one and you follow the wet shave process it feels like a day at the spa when you are done. In this article, we will go over what you need to start wet shaving.


1 – Have the right accessories

The ideal thing to have to do a proper wet shave like at an old school barbershop is a traditional straight razor. This razor will give you the closest shave that you can imagine. You’ll also need a whetstone sharpening kit so you can keep it as sharp as possible. Make it a habit to sharpen and then strop your razor regularly so it doesn’t get dull and cause razor burn.

You’ll also need a badger hair brush to apply your shaving soap. The bristles must be from badger hair as it is the ideal medium to absorb water and distribute the soap to your face. It also helps to keep the whiskers on your face standing up so they can be cut easily by the razor.

Lastly, have some good shaving soap that has glycerin in it and a pleasant-smelling after shave to close the pores.

2 – Do the prep

Most of the work for a successful and pleasant shave is done during the preparation stage. This means that you have to take your time getting your face ready before using the razor.

Get your face wet with hot water until your skin gets moist and plump so your pores are open. Use a towel that has been soaked in almost boiling hot water. Once it cools enough to handle it safely, rinse some of the water out and then put it on your face.

After that, work the badger brush in the soap with some water until you get a nice foam and apply it evenly over your face.

3 – Shave carefully

Make short, even strokes with the razor to ensure that you don’t cut yourself. The skin should be pulled very tautly with your free hand where you are shaving to avoid nicking yourself.

Make sure the angle of the blade is not too high so that the razor cuts smoothly without dragging against the skin. Go with the direction of the way the hair grows to avoid any ingrown hairs. After you have finished, wet your face and go over it lightly with the razor going across at a 90° angle from how the hair grows.