Do you live in a home that was built in the 20th century? Did the previous owner of your new purchase have some…interesting…design choices? The design elements of a home have a big impact on the living experience that homeowners and their families can have. Most buyers move into homes that were previously built, and often, they contain features that are a little outdated.

Home improvement is one of the great perks of homeownership. With rentals, you can rarely make big changes other than hanging up new decorations on the walls. When you own a home, on the other hand, you have the freedom to invest in it and make big upgrades.

If your house in Plymouth Meeting, PA has some outdated elements, then you have an opportunity to modernize the property. Here are a few tips to bring your home into the year 2023 through design choices and functional updates.

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Kitchen Remodel

Kitchen renovations are one of the most valuable projects for increasing property value. No one can survive without food and drink, so this room of the house has a direct impact on your living experience. Perhaps there are some old appliances and outdated styles in your kitchen that you want to change.

For example, white kitchens are often considered timeless, fitting into multiple styles including modern. Stainless steel appliances are another staple of modern kitchens that fit in well with the straight lines and minimalism that is emblematic of this style. Additionally, those newer appliances can save you a lot of money over time on utility bills.

Alternative Energy Sources

The vast majority of homes still run on electricity from the public power grid. However, technologies for other renewable resources are improving, and many homeowners are taking advantage to make their homes more energy-independent. The most common practice for this modern initiative is installing solar panels on the property. These infrastructures convert sunlight into power for the home, reducing its reliance on the grid. Another type of renewable resource is wind, which can be harnessed with a personal wind turbine on your property.

These modern trends are likely to become more popular as people look to save money and reduce their environmental impact.

Replace Old Siding Materials

The modern style uses many different materials effectively for beautiful siding. There are ways to incorporate fiber cement, wood, glass, aluminum, and even traditional vinyl siding into a modern home. The main goal, however, is to simply replace those outdated materials with something new. Older homes in Plymouth Meeting may require stucco remediation to upgrade to a newer material that is far more efficient and matches the modern look.

New siding can quickly boost curb appeal, improve insulation, lower utility bills, and bring your home into the year 2023.

Minimalist Interiors

The concept of minimalism is a staple of modern home design. This means everything in the home has a purpose. Additionally, there are very few ornate designs that feature intricate curves and wavy lines. Things are very straight and have sharp angles. This minimalist style impacts everything from the colors inside the home to the arrangement of furniture.

Neutral colors like tan, white, grey, and black are prevalent in modern homes. Simplistic art decorates the walls and the lighting fixtures are not something you would find in a Victorian home.

Embrace Natural Light

Another characteristic of modern homes is how much they embrace sunlight and natural lighting in general. Natural lighting can make homes feel more open and spacy. Accomplishing this effect is not very complicated.

In fact, it can be as simple as adding larger windows and incorporating glass and mirrors into the interior design of the house. More light from the sun complements the straight lines, sharp angles, and neutral tones of the rooms.

Consider installing a skylight in the living room or kitchen, or have an exterior wall made entirely of glass. Place mirrors and glass partitions inside to reflect the light from the windows further into the home, creating the illusion of more open space.


Modernizing a Home Can Be Accomplished Step By Step

Not everyone can purchase a modern home outright. In many cases, modernizing their current home is the only option. Fortunately, taking these smaller steps one by one can slowly bring your home into the year 2023 without having to spend your life savings on an entirely new home.

Start with some new appliances in the kitchen or by painting the cabinets white. Think about adopting alternative energy technologies like solar panels. Embrace the minimalist design elements and bring more natural light into the home with more windows and glass features.

Update that old siding material to something that will last a long time while improving the home’s efficiency. Each of these changes will go a long way toward modernizing your Plymouth Meeting home.