Did you know that 77% of remote employees say they are more productive when working from home? Distance work turned out to be a huge trend that is going to last even after the lockdown ends. If you still don’t know how to work from home or can’t organize yourself, read our tips to increase your efficiency.

Why is work from home so popular?

More specialists and companies decide to shift toward distance working. For most people, this is something completely new with a lot of challenges. Once the issues are overcome, it is possible to reap the benefits of remote work.

1. Flexibility.

Online labor does not require the specialist to visit an office or be tied to a specific location. You can travel, stay home, walk outside, be wherever you want. The only requirement is that you comply with deadlines and follow the company’s rules.

2. Productivity.

73% of employees stated that their remote work was successful. Due to distance labor, people get more time to rest and can have their own private workplaces without being disturbed by others. However, when you live with a family, things get a bit harder.

3. Time.

Remember spending hours getting to your office? Working from home, you won’t have to worry about that. There will be some additional time for sleep, rest, and your personal stuff.

While not all specializations can move to distance work, it is still an enormous area for most people like teachers, accountants, consultants, marketers, editors, etc.


Why is it difficult to be productive at home?

What is the first association that comes to mind when you think of home? Usually, it’s family, sleep, food, and relaxation. If that’s your case, then you’ve fallen for this subconscious trap. Your mind is used to these associations and cannot accept your typical environment as a workplace.

Living with a family, especially with kids, you are bound to get distracted every several minutes. Even the slightest distraction can ruin your productivity, as it is generally believed that the attention span is roughly 30 minutes. You are also likely to shift your focus to social media or other things that your mind considers more interesting than work.

The absence of time management is yet another factor that influences your efficiency. When you’re at home, you let yourself loose. Preventing this could be possible by writing down a plan with starting times and deadlines.


8 tips to increase productivity while working from home

Are you eager to become an efficient worker? Then read our work from home tips to boost productivity during your job.

1.Follow a regular routine

When you work every day at the same hours, your body and mind get accustomed to such a routine. One week will pass, and you’ll see that you wake up automatically at the same time. This simple trick also helps to build a habit of working and resting according to a specific timetable.

The advantages of routines include:

● Structurization;
● Setting daily goals;
● Breaking bad habits;
● Getting used to working.

So, follow a regular routine, and you’ll reap the benefits in no time!

2.Do some workout

Physical exercises are a great way to wake your body and mind. Survey shows that workout before work significantly increases energy, focus, productivity, and creativity. That is, if you don’t run a marathon before work, of course.

10 Best Home Workout Equipment Buys to Get Fit at Home

Setting up a daily task for a morning workout is an excellent addition to your daily routine. It gives a great boost for the whole day and removes sleepiness. Apart from that, you also feel fresh and ready to move mountains!

3.Set goals for the day

Short-term goals are equally as important as long-term goals. As long as you set reasonable requirements, you will definitely succeed in your tasks. However, setting reasonable goals requires some understanding of the way you work. You should, at least, know how much time different assignments require.

The advantages of setting daily goals are:

● Motivation;
● Better planning;
● Increased focus;
● Results expectation.

Try setting general goals and consequently break them down into smaller steps. Writing them down and tagging your results is an awesome way to track progress. Slack is a great assistant when it comes to tasks and teamwork.

4.Dress like you’re in an office

Are you familiar with the term “Enclothed Cognition”? This is scientific research that shows how different clothing affects our behavior and efficiency. It turns out that dressing appropriately makes you a better worker! Showers and teeth-brushing are necessary too!

While comfortable clothing might feel cozy, it subconsciously turns your mind into a relaxed state. The game of associations turns on. A business suit or any other “outside” clothes will significantly increase your urge to work. Imagine that you’re in a Zoom meeting!

It doesn’t cost anything to try, so test this method several times to see how you feel about it.

5.Make an office at home

It is very important that you have a private place in your house where nobody could disturb you. The best option is setting up a mini-office there. Such a decision removes distractions, creates an association with work, and makes you complete tasks even when you don’t want to.

Always keep some websites and services open on your computer. For instance, you will need Google Drive to share files and TeamViewer to manage the devices of your colleagues remotely. The best option is to create a separate desktop for work. This will minimize distractions.

work from home

After several days of labor at the “office,” you’ll see that your mind changes automatically as only you take a seat. Solving assignments and coming up with creative plans will be much easier.

6.Keep your privacy

This section is partly related to № 5 because it is also connected with a place where you cannot be disturbed. When you work over any task, it is necessary that your kids, pets, family, friends do not distract you every now and then. Even the slightest disturbance can shift your focus, meaning that productivity is lost.

Don’t be too radical and try to avoid conflicts. Explain to your roommates that it is impossible to work when you’re being hovered over. Hopefully, you will solve the issue with understanding from their side. If they still keep on being noisy, use Krisp to remove background noise.

7.Tune in

The significant advantage of working from home is that you don’t get to distract colleagues no matter what you do. This means that you can turn on the music at maximum volume and use any other method that helps you get ready for work. Powerful rock, soothing melodies, some dancing – do whatever it takes to get tuned.

Music isn’t suitable for all people. Some prefer working in complete silence to gather their thoughts. That is why we recommend using any method that is suitable for you.

8.No excuses!

A routine is a routine, soldier! If you keep on skipping plans and breaking the rules, there will be no progress. The productivity won’t grow; in fact, it will fall significantly. You are your own boss when working from home, so don’t let yourself loose.

Woman Sitting on Sofa While Looking at Phone With Laptop on Lap

3 Best easy remote Jobs

Hundreds of jobs can be done online. All you need is a computer and a set of skills. However, there still are many positions that are easy to start at. We’ll cover the 3 simplest remote jobs for 2021.


Being a blogger is also huge work. You should find ideas of what to share with your audience, write interesting publications and create astonishing visuals. This is possible even without any skills as the Internet provides unlimited possibilities.

Currently, the most profitable option is setting a blog on Instagram. Some of your routines will be communicating with people, writing texts, filming stories, and creating content. You aren’t limited to a specific topic or theme – everything depends on your choice.

To succeed as a blogger in 2021, you must create quality content with astonishing videos. The more interesting the content is, the more viral your account will be. Huge engagement generates large profits. You’ll mostly earn money from advertising, collaborations, affiliate links, and donations.


Do you know how to write articles, edit photos, develop applications? No matter what your skill is, it is always possible to apply it online. Freelance platforms like Upwork or Fiverr are a good place to get clients from any area.

The most popular freelancer jobs for 2021 are web design, programming, marketing, writing, and stories making. As you can see, the variety of options is pretty spread out, meaning that even the most unexpected skill may be applied somewhere.

Generally, freelancers are paid based on the hours spent to fulfill a project or the whole task at once. Special platforms will help you avoid fraud. However, when you start working directly, always request at least 50% of prepayment to avoid being scammed.

3.Online education

The online education market is continuously growing, and it doesn’t seem to be willing to stop. Teaching is a new level of any career. Any job requires mentors and some knowledge, so this field is available for everyone.

However, as an online educator, you will have to find different ways to provide materials to your students. These could be lectures, presentations, written materials, and any other form based on your imagination. Make sure that there also are various assignments to grant some hands-on experience.


You may publish your courses on various websites like Udemy, Media Dummy, Skillshare, Teachable, and others. When you work on such a basis, profits are generated based on the number of students. Salary-based payment is only available when you work at a school or company.

Work remotely and stay productive!

Efficiency is very important, especially during distance labor.

Follow our strategies to boost your productivity permanently. Pursuit any career path and make money online!