Of course electric wires are always spread around the house, whether its the receiver cable, router, telephone or any other wiring. Sometimes a wire is cut and the device stops working. So if one of the devices stops working, inspect its wire first then with the following we will help you demonstrate how to discover and repair defects wiring yourself at home as an professional electrician would.

First, an electrician will follow the wiring in the house to recognize the defective or hidden areas of the wire especially those behind pieces of furniture.


Second, determine whether the problem with the wire is repairable or not, since there are many repairs that you can do by yourself at home.

copper wire

Third, select the method and tools that you can use for repair. There may be a cut in the wire, so disconnect the wire from the power source, and then remove a portion of the insulation on the wire at both ends of the wires. Then wrap the yellow copper edges together and fold them well with a tape dispenser to avoid electrocution or injuries.


Fourth, do not you search for just malfunction wire in open places, but look at the tucks and curves in wires extended into the kitchen. The fault might be in the plug itself or bulb not the wire itself. Look closely as you might not need to change the whole wire,just the faulty plug or bulb.

Electrician peeling off wires

By doing so you will be able to solve the problem of any malfunctioning wires yourself without resorting to an electrician to be repaired.You do not have to wait until something malfunctions, do periodic inspection of the wires at your house especially those at tucks, curves and doors and address any problem before it arises.