10 Relevant Characteristics Of Millennial Shoppers

Millennials Shopping

The Millennials is the new generation born surrounded by technology. This term is to refer to people born in a new era, where technology had been implemented in so many aspects of our lives. Millennials take for granted technological achieves in the modern world such as  Internet connection everywhere or digital payment methods. These achievements revolutionized the way of shopping. In order to communicate with customers’, have to embrace all these changes. Appearing in the first position of search engines like Google create more chances to see our product. But these positions are difficult to achieve and to manage. To do so, you can appeal to a PPC agency specialised in managing this campaigns.

Millennials1. Social media is a source of shopping information

When referring to Millennials studies show that 47% of the peopled surveyed affirm to be influenced by social media in purchasing habits.

An influencer is a person or group, who has the ability to influence the behaviour or opinions of others. Influencers have some kind of authority over the thousands of followers.  Companies take advantage of this situation so it is a common to hire influencers who show the products on their personal social networks. In the end is like advertising in other media with people who influence your target.

2. The authenticity

They are looking for real relationships with brands, based on transparency and honest promises. Contrary to the previous generation, they are not attracted to the inflated claims of some brands. Campaigns that seem unreal or cannot apply to real life are considered fake.

3. Personalise marketing campaigns

Being unique is something this generation has a big consideration on. Millenials have high acceptance to personalise campaigns. They have the need to feel free, unique and independent, and companies know that so they create campaigns adjusted to their needs. Big brands have already shown us how successful these techniques are, the examples are infinite.

4. Word of mouth

Millenials shoppers prefer and trust more recommendations from family or friends. They take very seriously into account products their friends recommend or like.

Technologies have modernised the worth of mouth way of spreading information. It has become a big circle of people sharing ideas. Nowadays we are able to have recommendations from any part of the world from about almost all the existing products.

5. Share on social media

Millennials like to publish their life on social media platforms, they want to share personal information and make everyone to see their lifestyles. Their lives have become more public than ever

6.They embrace loyalty programs

The 80% of Millennials participate in loyalty programs. They are more likely to spend money on a brand o company that rewards customers for their loyalty.

7. Impulsive shopping

Millennials are more likely than any other generation to do impulsive shopping. This shopping occurs not only in physical shops but also on the Internet. Due to new technologies and the fact that this group is connected 24/7 on the Internet, there are new options to make an impulsive purchase.

8.They want brands to have a mission

The brans should be socially responsible according to Millennials. They are more likely to spend money on brands that guarantee a social help or improvement. Millennials, in general, are more socially and environmentally conscious than the previous generation.

9. New payment methods

Technologies have given way to a new range of payment methods. Everyone is able to pay with their phone and the Internet payments are safer than ever. So companies have to accept all the payment methods available in the market if they do not want to lose Millennials shoppers.

10. Fear of missing out

Millennials have the fear of missing out events, products or services they might be interested in. Therefore, limited editions of products or a small number of available tickets for a concert are strategies that work great with them. Another trick is showing the amount of stock left from a product this is a driving fact for Millennials to buy a product.