2D Animation Videos

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Creating animation videos is an interesting and at the same time very complex process. 2d explainer video looks like a normal cartoon, but carries a clear message to the audience. Sometimes the main idea can be defended and leave the audience guessing. This technique allows you to hold the attention of all who watched the clip long after it ends. But it doesn’t have to be all that complicated. The main goal is to promote a product or brand and increase conversions.

What is a 2D animation video?

2D animation, sometimes also called “character animation”, with this tool you can create scenes with characters. Typically, the scenes in this video is no different from the usual filmed videos, but a significant advantage is that the appearance of the frame of all the elements can be divided into several stages. The dynamics of the appearance of all subjects in the frame holds the viewer’s attention longer. In our company you can order this animation clip for your website or Youtube channel.

Key benefits of 2D animation

Sometimes, if you don’t have a big budget for advertising video, the best solution is to order a graphic clip in 2d animation video company. Here are the following advantages:

● No actor fees;
● In the case of a corporate story, no staff involvement is required;
● No need to pay for studios, pavilions and other locations;
● Lack of any restrictions on the script;
● Fewer specialists in the production.

More easily adjustable and faster to produce

More flexible scenarios can be used in this kind of work. Also, if you choose the presentation as the basis or use a special template, you can save a lot of time on the production of the clip. To replace any frame in the script, it does not need to reshift. You will not have to invite actors and cameramen again, and make a cut from the video. A 2D graphics specialist will simply draw a new frame.

Here’s Why You Definitely Need Corporate Videos to Boost Business

If you order a video from specialists, at each stage you will be asked to assess the work, to make changes if necessary, and approve the principal points. Also when creating commercials marketing team will suggest an idea and a script for you, as well as help you choose the voices for the voicing, along with musical accompaniment. Also interesting is the fact that animation can be combined with traditional videos. Such videos with smooth transitions and create a surreal effect. It also allows you to attract additional attention and differentiate the brand from others in the market.

How do our 2D animated videos help your business?

These animated videos are used both on TV and on the Internet. The popularity of graphic videos is gaining momentum every year. The use occurs both in small promotional works, as well as in feature-length films. Below are the most frequent examples of use:
● A full-length TV commercial;
● Preroll in Youtube (5 seconds or more);
● Integrated graphics in video;
● Clips;
● Full-length movies;
● Promotional videos;
● Presentation films.

All of these options allow you to engage your audience en masse in a dialogue with the brand. Accordingly, you will get more loyal customers.


Various methods are good for additional warming up of the target audience. If you’re a young startup or don’t want to spend a lot of money on advertising, that doesn’t mean the results won’t be very good. An important aspect of work is careful preparation and creativity. 2D animated videos or even simple infographics can have a dramatic effect. It all depends on your idea and the style of its implementation.