Marketing and promotion are an essential aspect to any company of any size. They can help you to reach out to prospects and potential customers, which in turn may increase your visibility and number of leads. Whilst large format printing might be a slightly costlier option than some other marketing forms, it can be a very wise investment depending on the promotional activities your firm carries out. If you regularly exhibit at trade shows or have a reception with regular footfall, it can happen to be a wise marketing investment.

What can we print?

You can select from a wide range of printing options that axiom printing suggests, for instance posters, canvas printing, duratrans printing, banners, pull-up banners and signage.

One of the main drivers of the growth in large format printing is the improvements in technology that we have experienced in recent years. You can now generate striking marketing materials on a large scale and produce a buzz around your company for a small investment, making your services a real talking point.

What are the benefits and advantages of large format printing?

Large format printing

As the name points out, large formats like vinyl banners printing provide us with a large space to display our promotional or ad messages. It is perfect for trade shows and banners. Large format print commands attention and is the ideal way to make potential clients take notice of your firm – thus, in case you are aiming to attract passers-by at your trade-show, then perhaps large format print is your answer.

If you and your employees spend a lot of time travelling on the road, large format stickers on your corporate vehicles can successfully spread the word about your firm to everyone you pass. Large format printers can be utilised to create vehicle and window graphics that will be able to attract the attention of passing footfall. If you include slogans or contact details, they will be able to search for your company online and hire your services or buy your products. Preferably, include a tractable telephone number or site link on the banner so that you can track its success and ROI directly.

Recent trends: large format print in marketing

A recent study conducted in 2011 found that the world of large format print marketing utilising banners and signs is developing at an astounding rate. One major change is the efficiency of operations as well as the technology by which they are created. While the quality and speed of large format print technology progresses, so does the need for new business models to be able to accommodate these changes.

The most efficient large format print marketing campaigns are those that seek to combine effective operations with inventive techniques. For instance, incorporating QR codes or similar cross media elements in large format graphics have proven quite successful in increasing engagement and increasing revenue for both buyers and printers.

Formats and styles

Large format printing

The design, finishing, printing and display size of large format print adverts will always vary depending on your firm’s specific requirements. While some companies are looking for a high definition banner including their brand, phone number, and online site to encourage quote requests and communication, others might opt for something much more simple, like a yard sign, to promote awareness.

Everything from the smallest business card to a huge promotional poster can garner substantial attention if done properly. Deciding upon the best font, style, graphic elements, colours and overall layout should not be a problem when you are working with the ideal print marketing firm where total customisation of large format prints is usually an option. If you are considering large format printing for your business and are wondering what is the A0 or A1 printer price, you should keep into account that outsourcing the print jobs will definitely be the best option for your firm in the long run.