If you’ve used your phone for work at any point in time, then you’ve probably felt the pain of having a weak connection. But cell signal is not magic and it can be fixed if you understand the reasons as to why it’s weak.

And with these 5 tips on how to fix and improve your cell signal, you’ll hopefully never come across the problem of an unstable connection again.

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Think About Location

You need to consider the fact that phone wavelengths work by the laws of physics and don’t just appear and disappear in random places. They travel and have to go through different objects to reach their destinations, whether it’s your phone, a cell tower or even a satellite in space.

The more obstructed their path, the weaker the signal. The more walls or ceilings you put between you and the outside world, the harder it will be for the signal to travel. You should try to find a better room to make calls in, whether it’s one with more windows or on a higher level. Take your location into account and change it to get the best connection you can.

Check Your Phone

Phones are pretty delicate, and it very much is possible that at some point, some part of it was damaged, thus not working correctly.

Try checking how the connection of other phones in your home or office is, to see if it’s only your phone that’s acting up. There is a chance that this is the case and you’d either need to take the phone in for repairs or buy a new one entirely.

It’s a simple fix, but just try it out and see if your phone is actually the problem. 

Change Your SIM Card

Other than your phone, your SIM card is also quite delicate.

Unbeknownst to you, it may have taken damage at some point and just doesn’t work as well as it did when it was brand new. This does happen quite often and the fix is just a matter of getting a new one, which takes a few days, if not hours.

It’s a relatively easy fix to a continuous problem and won’t even cost a penny depending on the cell service provider.

Look for the Cell Tower

Where you’re using your cell phone is a major determining factor in how good your cell connection is. But your cell signal doesn’t just fly up into space like in a science fiction movie. It’s connected to a tower on the ground, which collects the cell signals from that particular area.

If your location is a little too far from the tower, you will have connection issues. What you need to do is to locate the cell tower nearest to you that would grant you the best signal. Nowadays, most carriers share cell towers, instead of each one having their own tower in the area. But it may be that your cell provider’s tower is just too far away and there is a closer one. In this case, your best option would be to change cell providers and go with the one closest to you.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to make this switch, you can invest in a cell signal booster to strengthen your weak connection and increase the coverage within your area.

Contact Your Provider

This is a pretty simple one: talk to the people whose job it is to work with cell signals. Again, cell phone connection isn’t magic; there is a craft behind it and people whose profession it is to take care of any problems that you have. So, if nothing has worked for you so far, consider calling up the professionals and asking for their advice.

It could very well be that the problem is from their end. They could help you out by bringing a specialist over to take a look at the problem themselves and then give you the right guidelines into permanently improving your connection. Calling your provider will most definitely yield the answers you’re looking for and will find the fixes to your connection issues.

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