The modern world is fast-paced, digital, and tech-centric. Gadgets and computers are both now part and parcel of every home and business. These devices are especially crucial for running companies. To maximize the potential of these computers, they are usually linked through a network for sharing resources. This is where a network configuration management system comes in to help organizations. One such tool is a software like configex that allows IT professionals to discover, document, and manage their network.

What is a Network Configuration Management System?


This comprehensive network configuration management tool lives up to its name by making network management a lot easier. It is a software that helps businesses track, manage, and organize the entire life cycle of their network devices. This tool covers a broad range of areas such as device discovery, configuration backup, inventory maintenance, diagnostics, document configuration changes for compliance, keeping track of user activity, and troubleshooting issues. These areas can all be quickly addressed through the execution of appropriate network operations.

Vital Features of This System

Numerous functions fall under network configuration management software. Below are examples, but do note that these functions are not limited to these areas only. A network configuration management software with a perpetual license like configex is an excellent choice for most businesses because there is no need to pay added fees to keep renewing the license. IT professionals of companies will be able to do the following functions below seamlessly:

1) Discovery of Network Device

The Discovery of device/s is the first step in network configuration management. It is critical to keep a record of all devices and hardware properties. This will give the network administrator a log of all the pertinent information for easy audits, systems upgrades, and troubleshooting. It provides the admin with details like serial numbers, configurations of ports, hardware specifications, and interface details.

2) Backing Up the Configuration

For a vast network, a network administrator must be ready for any untoward incidents. Even in the modern world, mishaps occur. With the help of a network configuration software, companies will be disaster-ready because this tool can readily make backups. In case of a security breach or a network outage, massive amounts of data will not be erased. In case of an erroneous update, overwriting the detrimental configuration can be easily addressed because there is a trusted backup version.

3) Management of Changes

With this software, keeping a record of users is swiftly done, which paves the way for easy identification of configuration changes. When a particular network has a lot of administrators, making unauthorized changes with unfavorable outcomes can be tracked. With this software in place, the chances of something going wrong are minimized because the people handling the issues are more responsible and self-aware. Diagnostics and updates can be seamlessly conducted.

4) Facilitate the Execution of Complex Network Operations

Complex network operations can be readily executed with this kind of software in place. At times, this can even save companies time and money because these complex operations can be automated. The software will allow administrators to make templates, which allows the central execution of operations that doesn’t require a user to be there. This remote kind of interface facilitates a more productive work environment.

5) Easy Compliance to Meet Industry Standards

In some companies, especially those that are sensitive like financial institutions or healthcare industries, the network must comply with strict industry standards. This gives the assurance that the data within these networks are secure. Failure to install this software puts these companies at risk. Additionally, company reputation is adversely affected.

Key Benefits of Utilizing this System

Network Operation Center

With access to this comprehensive tool, it will provide businesses with easy solutions for network configuration. On top of that, it will help when it comes to updates and compliance management. Apart from assisting with management, it can automate complex network operations. It can also help with crucial backups while tracking user activity for accountability. It can also generate detailed graphs and reports that may help key decision-makers of companies. Take a look at the exhaustive list of benefits below.

1) Comes with multi-vendor device configurations

2) Configuration files are automatically backed up for easy recovery from issues

3) Provides security encrypting the stored configuration files

4) Ability to provide real-time data on configuration changes

5) Document and provide a history of all changes

6) Both sophisticated and straightforward operations can be automated to save on resources

7) Assurance that the configuration of devices can meet industry standards

8) When network changes are deemed unsatisfactory, it will be accessible to roll-back to a previous configuration

9) Change management can be regulated to reduce errors

10) Generation of reports on compliance, inventory, updates, and other crucial network activities.

Final Word

In a modern world where computers are necessary, businesses must have a reliable network configuration management software. Failure to have one is detrimental to growth and expansions. Companies that fail to leverage this tool get left behind by their competition.